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spoilers we’re talking details and spoilers first of all it kind of
continues the episode right from where we left off with episode 3 where the
witch finders are arriving at the alchemy tribe they’ve uh they’ve caught
up to them from getting the bottles tips there and now we’re gonna see yet
another sort of fight or something going down and what happens is bump of us
actually anticipated this happening and this is something I said in my last
video that we weren’t sure if Babu bosses sort of created a an escape plan
or some defenses for an invasion so we find out that he’s actually created a
rafter built a raft and it’s parked back behind the tribe in ready to go they’re
on a riverbank there so what happens is when they find out for the witch finders
are coming above Abbas and his family grabs his family and a few red shirts
and Parris played by alfie there and they escaped onto this raft it’s a
cool-looking wrap I mean it’s got some nice style for dude can’t see Jason
Momoa is able to create a nicely crafted rabba me clean lines a little design
there that’s a lot to create without being able to you know see with your
with your eyes there so props props to in there so so in the middle of things
the witch on third general which finder I keep the game of is there’s a witch
hunter I feel like that’s they should be call the witch hunter is not so much to
wish finders but either way you got them in prison the camp and it’s like alright
we’re gonna go we’re gonna go five of us and
get down those those which children that they’re after and so let’s see what
happens then so then we got this big crazy fight that takes place on the on
the river front on each side which is which actually was kind of fun to watch
it was kind of interesting to see I guess gimmick of the show every week
is how are they gonna make a fight scene around a bunch of people who can’t see
with their eyes but you’re blind people fighting each other and it was kind of
like all right we’re gonna go down on each side of the river banks and the
boats gonna come through we’re gonna listen we’re gonna swing some rope I
kind of thought maybe they could just randomly throw some Spears or rocks even
I mean you know you can skid rocks across the water to kind of hear if they
stopped and hit a boat so I’m not even sure if the gimmicks are taking it even
that far like I feel like they could step it take it up a little bit of a
notch there with it with the gimmicks and tricks I do like that they had their
the dogs kind of sniffing in and barking and finding things out I feel like they
can use more of the animals more let’s get some owls and some crows and some
eagles and hawks let’s get some birds coming in because that would have been
kind of interesting to see like hawks and eagles attacking because the other
birds you could train the birds and they can see so that would be no problem so
anyway that had been a bit of a cool fight scene on the boat a couple of red
shirts and tagged along there’s my red shirt they’re tagged along get get off
it was kinda interesting the dudes on the side are swinging a rope and a claw
and they’re kind of yanking them out and stabbing them and stuff like that so it
lost a couple people through a tribe and it’s only down knowing a few people it’s
like Bubba boss’s wife the twins Paris and the other gal that tagged along are
left so this is the six left on the boat and it turns out that they got this
little note and they read it and they sort of decide hey we’re gonna follow a
path of drilling Moreau and find where he’s at and what his little settlement
is or are we gonna just go on our own and explore so they kind of take a boat
decide that they’re gonna good go follow the breadcrumbs left behind by Joe
out there I hope I’m saying his name right right write down a few notes with
people’s names because some of them are low chiid rulla rulla my role I’m saying
that right I just watched it so like two minutes ago also it was kinda
interesting right at the end there Hana waa waa the females when she’s she
showing sort of her Tomb Raider Lara Croft skills with the bone marrow and
the last bone our she shoots that is the trader guy get her so he gets it kind of
in the chest falses knees it seems like that’s the end for him ok so then we get
back to Queen Cain she’s back at the Citadel or the dam where all the
religious fanatics are and they’ve got their war council and everybody’s sort
of talking and they’re trying to find a well what’s coming what’s going on why
are we taking some resources to go find these twins that are out there it’s been
17 years it’s like a decade what’s going on we want some answers why they keep
escaping and then we kind of find out a little more of the nuances there with
the religious Citadel folks I don’t know what they’re called exactly that where
the Queen Cain and her Posse are hanging out we sort of find out that there’s
there’s some defiance if so difference of opinion so that people actually want
to off Queen Cain and and then we find out of a real a reveal that somebody if
somebody says that you know hey Queen Cain you know don’t be don’t be mad bro
that you know just because you and Jarl Amuro were lovers and he ditched you and
said adios peace and I got a laugh when I heard that I was like oh this Joe
Moreau guy gets around he just kind of planted a seed wherever he goes and I
showed up and the ladies loved him and props to him and dudes hardly in the
show at all but his plan of the seeds and many people either one to see em
meet him they want to find him kill him they want to love him they want to hate
him so it’s this interesting kind of MacGuffin character out there that we
hardly see we kind of met him briefly for one episode I have a feeling you
know there’s gonna be more of him so so let’s see so here’s some downsides of
the episode there’s some negatives we’re on this boat for a long time
there’s a lot of dialogue there’s a lot of bad dialogue and yeah it’s the twins
some of the actors on the show not really that strong or at least maybe the
material living given not really that strong and there was some stuff going on
on the boat but they’re talking and talking and talking I was just like you
know I don’t need to have action 90% of an episode I can have some dialogue and
some exposition so like that but it’s just kind of done poorly or on the nose
or not interesting and that got me a little bored so I kind of put a note on
that and then also we’re in the city though there with the dam with Queen
Kane a lot of talking there I did like that we were sudden introduced to
another what looked like another shadow character hanging out spying for the
Queen there is so you know we gets a little more establishing there but I
kind of feel like we need to get a third element to the show or maybe a fourth
element cause we got we got Jason Momoa stride
we got the Queen Cain and her doings and then we got the Witchfinder and we do
have Joe Morelle out there hiding around so maybe we need a fifth thing some sort
of other object other tribe other scenario or something that we can kind
of grasp since I mean you know I grew up you know we just watch like you know
eight seasons a game of Thrones recently and there’s a lot of stories intertwined
within that and with this I feel like we’re just getting one or two stories
kind of laying out and I have a lot of lore not a lot of world-building not a
lot of character development thing everything is very servicing it’s like
here’s the immediate thing that’s happening now and maybe a little bit in
the future we’d like to see a little more depth come into things there as
well so then at the end of the episode Queen Cain she actually Sasson AIT’s a
couple of the the conspirators against her and this kind of causes an uproar
and people are upset so she says you know what I ain’t going down like that
and I’m just gonna go ahead and pull the plug on the dam
this place is going to go down and explode and I don’t really know physics
dam theory but if you go if you’re inside a dam and you turn off the valves
and it stops the water from shooting out is the immediate thing that the dam is
gonna crush in the fall apart is that just because it’s like you know 500
years in the future or whatever that the the building is is already Krum
partially crumbling or something up note the let me know the comments below
if that’s what happens with dam logic there but it did sort of seem a little
strange so we don’t really get to see the dam crumble so that’s a little bit
of a cliffhanger for the episode so we’ll see how I’m so 5 goes with the dam
and seeing what goes on with that you know when I was watching this episode
there was a lot of like chase and escape and mountains and waters and things
going on like that it kind of reminded me of the movie The Last of the Mohicans
if you haven’t seen that where there was kind of some of the Native American
tribes going after one another and a lot of a lot of like small battles in a
bigger battle kind of going on and it reminded me that it does also when we
get into the Queen and her citadel and her you know followers that kind of
reminds me of up beneath the play of the Apes with the the religious folks that
are worshiping the neutron bomb or the atom bomb whatever it is land and then
his second play tapes movie many years ago in the 70s I think so I’m getting
flashbacks to some old like sci-fi and and and fantasy and so like that
listen visually the show is still a heck of fun and the fight scene on the boat
was kind of cool just great to see Jason Momoa you know going ninja ninja
assassin there with the going of the water and taking some dudes out and it
was cool to see some of the yeah Hana WA she shooting arrows me she needs to
build like a hundred arrows she needs to be stalked the boy twin needs to have
knives and axes they need to be ready for war they just don’t seem very armed
and ready for battle and it seems like they’re doing a lot of running and there
they can see I mean you know bow and arrow you can just take dudes out from
across the stream and you good to go so all right so that’s it for
this video I’ve been reading your comments great comments a lot of you
guys thought I went a little overboard saying that I didn’t like the Queen
praying master praying stuff that was the first couple episodes so it was cool
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