Hi, my loves. Today I’m going to take you along
my self care evening routine, how I relax and unwind from the day. Thank so much to Clarins for sponsoring this video. Most nights I’m working on my computer or watching YouTube videos
until it’s time to get ready for bed. There’s no set time for when I end my day
and start my evening routine, sometimes it’s 10pm and sometimes it’s 3am. I’ll end early if I’m tired from the day, but most times I’m so productive or awake at night and have to force myself to stop working and get to bed. The first thing I’ll do is change into my PJs. The funny thing I realized is that, working from home, I like to wear comfy clothes,
clothes that can pass for PJs too. So at night it’s like I’m changing from
one set of PJs to another set of PJs. If I stay in the sameset of PJs from day to night and night to day for like a week (which I’ve done before), I feel like a slob. But if I change between two comfy outfits
for day and night it makes me feel a lot better. Okay, onto my favorite part: Cleansing. I shot a video today so I had some makeup on. On days where I wear makeup,
I love starting with an oil cleanser My favorite action is rubbing off all the makeup, it’s like a therapeutic massage for my face. Then I’ll rinse the oil off with water, and follow that with a regular cleanser
to really get that extra clean. Now it’s time for the star of the show:
Clarins Double Serum for anti-aging. The benefit of using serum is to
penetrate deeper into skin to address concerns from the inside out. Serum helps your moisturizer work harder to protect the surface layer of your skin
from daily agitators, keeping your skin moisturized. The Clarins Double Serum can help boost radiance, firm, tighten pores, even skin tone,
and fight signs of aging on skin. It’s compatible with all skin types, ethnicities,
and ages 25 & up. Studies have shown that women see
visible results in radiant, smoother, and firmer skin after just 7 days of using this. As someone in her late 20s,
I’m starting to get concerned with these fine lines on my forehead, so I always make sure I have an anti-aging
product in my routine. My skin type is typically dry and dehydrated, so I LOVE an intensive skincare routine,
especially in the wintertime. Clarins Double Serum is packed with
21 plant ingredients that work together for youthful looking skin
including avocado, goji berry, green banana, kiwi, mango tree and cocoa tree, but the star ingredient is TURMERIC – which is known to protect and restore skin. I’ve been using this serum twice a day,
morning and night after cleansing. The formula feels like a light, watery oil– there are actually two parts to this serum, hence why it’s called the Double Serum. One part water-based, one part oil-based. You can see how they’re separated
in the design of the bottle, and how both serums are delivered with each pump. Something cool I’ve never seen before is this pump dial so you can select a customized dose
for your skin’s needs — I’m a dial it up kinda girl. For me, more is more. I’d even do 1.5 pumps if I’m feeling indulgent. So with the Clarins Double Serum,
I warm up the product in my palms, then gently pat it into my skin. I’ve learned not to rub around and tug my skin as much, and just simply pat – I imagine myself pushing the hydration and
nutrition into my skin. After using the serum, my skin is feeling protected,
nourished and more radiant. If you’re interested in learning more, you can get matched with
the perfect serum for your skin! Take the quiz linked in the description below to find out which Clarins serum is best for you. After the serum, I’ll follow up with
some eye cream, then moisturizer. Then I’ll brush my teeth and pop on
a lip jelly mask before bed. Now it’s time to set the ambiance – I turn on the lamp beside my bed
and turn off the room light. I love how warm and peaceful this lamp
makes my room feel. It’s like my visual indicator that it’s
time to get ready for bed. Something new I’ve been trying is diffusing
lavender essential oil beside my bed so the lavender scent can calm me down
and help me sleep. Then I take some time to reflect in
my Artist of Life Workbook, filling out my daily trackers. This month, I’m tracking inspiration,
self love & joy on a scale of 1-10. The theory behind this is, what you focus on grows. By focusing on my levels of inspiration,
self love and joy each day, I’ll remember what matters to me and be more intentional about
how I want to feel each day. If I have the time, I will also jot down bullet
points in the monthly gratitude journal, listing a few things that I’m grateful for. To relax my body and release tension,
I’ll do some easy stretches in bed, stretching my neck, shoulders, doing some twists and just taking this time to listen to my body
and what it needs. I know it’s not the best idea to look at
another screen before bed, but I also really enjoy reading in bed. I read mostly ebooks because
I don’t buy physical books anymore. I’m either reading a self help book, or my guilty pleasure is reading webtoons,
which are like digital comics. I’ll list some of my faves in the description
if anyone’s interested! One last thing I do is quickly review my goals
& my vision for my dream life, which I’ve written down in my phone. This is something that I’ve been doing for years. This way, my vision is always fresh in my mind, allowing it to simmer into my subconscious
while I sleep, and I really do think it has a positive effect. Then finally, I turn off the lights and go to sleep. Thank you and goodnight! Thanks again to Clarins for sponsoring today’s video – if you want to learn more, click that link down below. See you guys next time! Bye!