Hello, my name is Satina from Vallejo,
California and this is my debt free diary week six. Today I’m going to talk about
how to say when it seems impossible to do so. When I was younger, my mother
always told me to put some money aside at least once a month. Even if it’s five bucks, put it up. Of course as the years went by and my responsibilities
increased, it seemed impossible to save, even if it was just five dollars. But
then I figured out a way to save without it being a hardship on myself. I started
saving all my coins. When I broke a dollar and gotten change back, I would
throw it in in my purse. Whenever I received some extra money,
like for my birthday ,Christmas bonus, etc., I would save it. Instead of putting it in
a bank account, I will put it in an envelope and forget about it.
At the end of the year, I would dump all the change that I’ve collected from all
my different purses and count the total and to my surprise I will have well over
600 bucks – just in change, not counting the extra money. I would
then put the money into an account that’s not easy to withdraw from and
forget about it. I have repeated this method yearly and my savings account has increased. The number one question to ask yourself, how do I not go into my savings
account when I’m having a hardship? If you’re anything like me, after depleting
your savings enough times and I have anything at all to fall back on enough
times, you will have enough discipline to not touch it at all. One thing to
remember – never give up even if you do deplete your savings, start it again and
again until one day you will never no longer need to. Now that you know my
method to my madness, what are your methods to saving? Thanks
for listening. Next week I’ll talk about how changing your due dates can keep you on track.