switching gears now to an arrest and the murders of two men and miramar a South Florida rapper is now facing charges local 10 News reporter Parker Brandon is live in Fort Lauderdale where the suspect just went before a judge Parker L Aaron the South Florida rapper did not have much to say making his first appearance in court after being accused of killing two men he called his friends Jim L demons also known as up-and-coming rapper Y&W Melly is making his first appearance inside a Broward courtroom jemelle remember you don’t speak to anyone but me or mr. Cohn known for one of his biggest hits murder on my mind now the rapper is being accused of that police say demons murdered two men back in October 21 year old Anthony Williams on the left and 19 year-old Christopher Thomas Jr investigators believe 20 year old Courtland Henry and demons staged a scenario saying Henry drove Williams and Thomas junior to Miramar Memorial Hospital and claimed they were victims of a drive-by shooting the back windshield of a 2018 Jeep on scene appeared to be shot up both men died at the hospital one day after the duo’s death the rapper tweeting quote they took my brother’s from me over jealousy however detectives say that story didn’t add up following a forensic investigation Wednesday night police taking Y and W Mele and Henry into custody accusing the rapper of shooting and killing the men he called his friends the rapper defending himself on social media saying in part quote unfortunately a lot of rumors and lies are being said but God is with me state prosecutors asking in court for there to be no contact between demons and Henry ultimately judge Jackie Powell says the rapper will remain in jail without bond mister demons you’re facing two counts of premeditated murder and the court does find probable cause and attorneys for ynw Mele said they did not have any comment leaving the courtroom today meantime his alleged accomplice Courtland Henry is expected to appear later this afternoon we’re live in Fort Lauderdale Parker Branson local 10 News