(GIGGLES) (INAUDIBLE) (MEN SCREAMING) (SNARLS) (BOTH CHUCKLE) (GRUNTING) You’re that fool Deadshot. Ain’t this some shit? Did Black Mask find out about
my side gig and send you? (GROANS) I’m gonna mess you up real good. And it’s his turn. (GROANING) (GUNSHOT) Expletive deleted,
and the free world is saved again. (GROANING) Stay down, dog. What the heck’s going on? This wasn’t part of the mission. Vertigo… (SCREAMS) (GROANING) Why? Aw! Honeymoon’s over. (GASPS) What about him? I’d rather not kill him
at the same wound. She’d wonder about that. I say we let the train run him over. You’re working together? Working, playing– We’re soulmates. Even in prison, things can be -arranged.
-(BOTH MOAN) What about the file? We make a copy,
give Waller back the original. She’ll never know. And then, when the grieving
widow and I are paroled, we’ll have a little nest-egg. She knows. What? Waller. DEADSHOT: She’s been listening. VERTIGO: You’re lying, I’m team leader. She knew there was a traitor somewhere. -(POWERING UP AND BEEPING)
{GASPS) Waller? Listen to me, I beg you… (GROANING) (WHIMPERING) (SCREAMING) Floyd, please, don’t let her. I know. I know I was a bad girl. And it was all Vertigo’s idea. Please don’t let her kill me, Floyd! -(SOBBING)
-(BEEPING) Don’t let her blow my head off– (RAPID BEEPING) She’s done, Waller. Turn it off. WALLER: A mercy killing? Getting soft on me, Lawton? Just saving on the dry cleaning.