Hi, in this video we will be assembling
the Stilla Timber Floor Kit. You will have received it as a carton on its own and all the parts and instructions inside. It’s important to read all the
instructions and familiarize yourself with the parts before starting assembly. So let us begin. STEP 1 Floor Frame Layout. Now it’s important that you assemble your floor on a flat hard surface. You can start by placing the frame parts
labeled EP SJ and DJ as per the diagram in your manual or as shown in this video. Ensure the pre-drilled holes in the
label parts labeled EP are facing outwards STEP 2 Floor Frame Assembly. You’re going to need to use two of the
75N nails provided per join. HANDY TIP: Sort out your nails beforehand and place them at each join then nail through… part EP into the joining DJ and
SJ panels. Asyou can see here, First join the end panels to provide a
structural frame before completing the middle. yeah yeah ok Now you should have your frame ready
for the floorboards. STEP 3 Nailing Your First Floor Boards.
Place one more board on each and covering part EP leave a 25 millimeter
gap on the outside which is the space for rebate. Make sure you measure it out
along the whole length. Nail a 150 mm nail labeled 50N into EP at
each end. now complete the same process on the
other side. STEP 4 Squaring Your Floor. Measure
diagonally using tape measure to ensure they are equal on each end once the floor is square nail 150
mm [50N] nail into SJ and DJ on the inside of the floorboard This will hold the floor square. STEP 5 Completing Your Floor. Lay all floorboards in place starting
from the outside working in Depending on the size of the floor you
purchased there may be one board that needs to be cut back so you can fit into
place. You’ll need to measure the gap where it
needs to go but before you do that first ensure the floorboards are tightly
packed and flush, tap them likely to achieve this. You can then use the
measuring tape to measure the gap. You will need to measure out the width
you need on the remaining board… and mark it clearly. Use a power saw to cut it into the
correct size. Finally, you can drop it into the
remaining gap. It may need some shuffling or tapping
just to get into sliding snug Once it’s in place and the floor is square,
you can nail the floorboards starting at EP nailing the ends on the boards down finally to make sure no board shift you
can fix the boards in place along the SJ panels beneath use the leftover board as
a guide to make sure it’s straight And there you have it you have now
assembled your Stilla Floor Kit and are ready to build your shed good luck!