What are you doing you should turn on the power Want me to go with you to fill for the school festival I need to take some pictures too Hi, my name is Taylor Travis I am a fourth year Theatre and Dance major with a focus in set design and props fabrication For this project I was the original pitcher so I brought the idea to the class for the selection of which projects will be actually completed Hi my name is Ashley and I’m 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student and I worked on the design The Bat Camcorder body and integrated system that was inside the camcorder body Hi my name is Natalie Broussard I’m a 3rd year Art and Entertainment Technlogy major I mainly worked on the skin of our Bat Camcorder and the fabrication of it The idea for this project came from a web comic called Refund High School In the comic people who have here people are spirits who have died young and had the opportunity to go to Levi high school in the Afterworld in order to improve their karma and get a better chance of reincarnation so I started with a generic body design it was very squarish and then I brought that out of the 3D printed part to discuss my group so that we have something tangible to discuss and then once we discussed some of the modifications that needed to be made I modified I made a new file and I modified it to look more natural, more bat like and more like the comic that we were basing our project off of The end product of our skin is very different from what we thought of using at the very beginning of our project in the beginning we planned on using a product called Dragon Skin which is a casting material from Smooth-On which creates a very skin-like texture And in the end we ended up using a product called CrystalGel which our professor Karen recommended us trying and so we went through many different variations of skin and like how we were going to do it and what product we’re going to use And it just basically developed over the course of the semester For the integrated system we used a small micro controller For the video we used the Adafruit trinket 3.2 and we powered it with a microSD power cord and we used an OLED, a servo, and a eyelid mechanism as well as a solenoid for the wound mechanism and we had an on and off button that featured Turning on the entire system on and off For our project our scene actually takes takes place in a classroom So we decided to film on location which meant for our day of filming We didn’t have a green-screen or anything like that so we actually ended up filming a week before all the other projects so we could film In a way that we’re using an already created classroom So that meant for us the day of filming The morning of I went around at 8 a.m and scouted out which buildings were actually unlocked And I found the classroom that I’ve been hoping for it’s a really old classroom in a rickety building So we set up in the classroom and I had whole list of things we brought with us Just for when things started to break we can make sure we do fix them The only thing my favorite part was the little discoveries we made with different things that we didn’t intend for our bat cam and to do that it did anyway Like the eye tracking was an optical illusion. My favorite part of the project has to be experimenting with the crystal gel It’s something that I’ve never used before and I didn’t expect to be able to use something that worked so well My favorite part of this project was just seeing it all come together Watching an integrated system So from a design aspect into the electronic aspect I’m switching between those two parts of the project