what's gonna go excuse messy here and well can tell you brand-new video welcome to your daily dose of transfer gossip and say is going to be Thursday of 13th of June co-founder Sergey three as well as of rumors so just before we get started if you could do like this stuff by leaving a like crazy saying press the subscribe button if you knew I press the bow notification next to it so never miss an upload yesterday's episode will be down below in the description box at current schedule every day at 8 a.m. UK time it's a new transfer episode and in the comment section below if you could give FIFA 19 ultra team a rating out with 0 to 10 what would you choose and why 10 being the best 0 being the worst right let's jump into the confirm deals and first up we have got a plant called Mikado go to a Lemurian in the Qatar stars League is from Sevilla and it's a free transfer they've got lukovitch obviously this was announced last week from Real Madrid as an official transfer from itraq Frankfurt but he's now officially passed his medical a head of the 16 million euro move and he was presented yesterday at the burner bowel I know aqui said that Madrid have spent 250 million euros already but their team is already looking so good for next year and the likes of Hazard play alongside you veg it can be very exciting an extra quarter Tito sport they sent January to Buffon could join Porto this summer as after failing to only contractor Paris and German although the play himself did say he rejected a new deal bear in mind he is over 40 years old now so doesn't really offer too much or anything in regards to resale value but for Porto they kept head should have Casillas and booth on though I'm not sure if kiss the ice is going to be retiring or not sadly he suffered a heart attack in training but I believe now he's recovering pretty well but where we stay at Porto I'm not too certain and now moving on a quarter daily mirror the SNR still have identified as Roma midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini as a transfer target the 22 year old has a 27 million pound of 30 million euro buyout clause his current contract has also attracted interest from Tottenham AC Milan and Inter Milan Boca Juniors sporting director Nicholas body so is hopeful of bringing Daniele De Rossi to Argentina that's the spy report even he had to join alley FC in the MLS it would be a free transfer for whoever against him and if he does go to the MLS to Los Angeles FC it's a very good designated player to have and next time I show up from Gold cog they said Chelsea have met with Frank Lampard to discuss the possibility of replacing Mauricio sorry sorry seems very likely now to go to your Ventus and replace allegory and chose who do you have a very long list of potential suitors to replace um kind of thing and for Frank Lampard I've said it over and over again it could be risky one but it might be a risk worth taking a next time recorded DiMaggio here's an ACM liner hiring a move for Dasia lover in this summer that's in an attempt to add experience to their defense and Paul Joyce who's considered very reliable for Liverpool has said and if they worked a bit for him or make a move for him it'll take at least 25 million pounds for Liverpool to even consider letting the Croatian leave there hasn't been any contact from AC Milan but their new sport and director Ricky Messara who is replacing Leonardo I believe he does rate love him very highly sure from a study at Deportivo yes and that Quincy promise is wanted by IAC's after a very difficult first season at Sevilla he made the switch to Spain from Russia a year ago and it hasn't really worked out as planned and iyx will have a very nice transfer budget because they've already got a 75 mil from the young they're pretty likely to get over 70 ml for delayed 30 mil plus was the edge and potentially even debate Porto accept two sons l-louise from Spartak Moscow after reaching and personal green with a 28-year old that's according to a Joe go after four years with a Russian side the striker is on the way back to Portugal Porter and the player have already held talks in struck a deal and now the primeira Liga side open talks with Spartak this week Tudor micarta are sent Leicester have been linked of an unlikely swoop for inter Milan's even Paris age the 30 world Croatian international is tipped to lead their San Siro this summer as a numeric on Taylor accept to make his mark on the first-team squad various outlets are saying as a Paris which was being one of the players offered to United in a swap deal for Lukaku and burns to fair if let's to pull that off it'd be pretty interesting sign in so if my voice a bit weird by the way I've got curry groggy voice today and it's definitely hay fever or whatever but apologies about that I can't do too much about air and the next up recorded tomorrow yet again here saying while there have been no contact between Leonardo and ACM line yeah Paris and German are rates to again show interest in Gianluigi Donna remar once Leonardo is confirmed as a new sport and director of PSG he'll make a formal inquiry to Milan for the twenty-year-old goalkeeper the French club had been linked to Donna remar previously in the past and it could be a long-term replacement for Buffon who's now gone and their first to his goalkeeper for years to come France football are reporting the Turkish giant's guard tire I've had a 6 million euro bid for 24-year old Egyptian international attacker Trezeguet rejected by Kasim pasa Leone AS Roma and Marcel all interested in the player bony guitar I've been so far the bid was made on Tuesday and has a contract until 2021 Liverpool have thrown their hat into the ring to sign Porto striker Musa more eager as 1/4 foot Makoto the Champions League winners have reportedly joined West Ham and Marseille in the races on the 28 year old there I suggest that Marseille struggling to afford the 30 million euros required a next time according to the Evening Standard the SN I also have been informed by Dalian ye Fang that will take 25 million pounds in all of them to sign the anok carrasco the Belgian international is a long-term target for the Gunners and has expressed his desire to return to Europe this summer however sport build in Germany I said if by a miss out on lyrics Ally from man city they could turn to the Arsenal target Yannick Carrasco last who have made contact with iron Robin over a summer move that's a quarter ill message ro the 35 year old is available for free after Lima Bayern Munich and has ballooned with several clubs already while his former sites PSV and Groningen have been open about the desire to sign him there's also a lot of teams interested from the USA but the former Dutch international could be set to go to Italy instead as he said to be very interested in last year's proposal there wasn't random rumor about a month or so ago just sure that I said no less than what a versa sign him that one since they've got a bit quiet now and now moving on according to ESPN there said Marcelo has no desire to leave Real Madrid this summer that's despite their pending arrival of France international left back full of mehndi from Leone I did mention yesterday how a majority have apparently said to Marcello you can decide your future yourself you can stay the club of fight via number one spot again or you can go for another challenge elsewhere Napoli are preparing a 50 million euro bid or 45 million pound offer for PSV style Herman Lozano the Mexican international has been heavily linked with the likes of vos and Manchester United over the last year as thanks to his impressive performances for club and country and Gazzetta dello sport even a player hoping to sign the 23 year old this summer by paying PSV 40 million euros up front with a rest and bonuses a five-year contract is waiting on the table Fuller's are know and it looks like you know because last week apparently wasn't going to happen Aaron Wamba soccer has told Crystal Palace it is his dream to sign for Manchester United this summer as according to Daily Mail the our rumor sale United have had one bit rejected already of 40 million pounds for him and they're ready to make a second offer for a 50 mil but for Palace they're still holding out for over 60 but Sky Sports I said Manchester Knights will make a move for Norwich right back max Aaron's should they fail to learn number one target Aaron Wamba soccer they don't mention how much it costs to sign Aaron's but overall you'd imagine it's a lot less than a 60 ml for Wamba soccer and now we're calling to o jogo there certain Tottenham have reportedly match sportings asking price image field of Bruno Fernandez Spurs have launched a bid believes we work for around 62 million pounds for 24-year old a fee that matches his clubs price tag a very interesting story that came out Tuesday night now is a quarter DiMarzio at least he sent the leaks agent Minear areolar is currently in Paris to try and complete a deal to PSG the French club have offered a far higher salary than Barcelona and the other teams interested the title of the article does say PSG are now set to win the race for delayed but they also say the player has not decided yet about his next club PSG do offer a very very good project kind of thing because they have got Thomas Terkel a fantastic manager that likes a Neymar and back-pay and many other top talents but you've also got considered the barsa cannot for that you vendors cannot for that essentially every team interested can offer a very very good project and my personal opinion if he does go to PSG I'm not going to say he's just going there for money because obviously it won't just be that but I won't I went to see them basically going to a more competitive league without bloody being disrespectful to PSG they're the league on compared to Spain or the Premier League it's not quite there an ASR sent in Zermatt Benfica star Joe felix has a new set of admirers in Athletico Madrid the coveted team has attracted interest from the likes of you Ventus Manchester United at Manchester City this summer while wolves were linked to a move to the 19 your attacker before the end of last season his release causes sets a 105 million pounds or 120 million euros airports in Spain suggest a sexy boss Diego Simeone has made the Portuguese international his number one target he sees him as a perfe replacement for the outgoing handsome Griezmann it's also essentially the exact same feeling reason we'll be leaving for because his clause is the exact same 105 mil or 120 million euros and I've got two huge things that have just gone through I've done the first part of video but now full of mehndi is officier Real Madrid player there now it's a sign from Leone for feel 48 million euros plus a potential 5 million euros and bonuses he signed a six-year contract until 2025 and be presented as a mature player next Wednesday on a 1914 and now a couple minutes after the Mende news was announced by Real Madrid this news about Griezmann came out from Athletico Madrid CEO the CEO is called Jill Marin is confer degrees and will join Barcelona and a total agreement has been reached now I'd imagine this would be fully announced in the 1st of July because that's when it's really cool has changes and they quote the set to sport I'll say we have known since March to Ansel and Greece and we'll be going to Barcelona say yeah this transfer winner has been kind of crazy a lot of Mike's been already and particularly from a rameters but a 300 million euros and we're just getting started but that guys is going to be it for this video sir enjoyed it make sure to do that good stuff bye leave a like rating press the subscribe button if you knew I press the Bell notification next to it so never miss an upload yesterday's episode we down below in the description box and current schedule every day at 8 a.m. UK times a new transfer episode and finally in the comment section below what rating would you give FIFA 19 ultra team from 0 to 10 learn down below say thank you for chess video our so next time