I was noticing that my skin was really
dry it was not responding you know to putting makeup on in the morning and I
started using this glow biotics then they have this brightening cream and I
put it on every night before I go to bed I wake up in the morning my skin feels
amazing and I’m starting to get comments from other people saying what are you
wearing what are you putting on your skin and I’m noticing a huge difference
as a professional makeup artist I never know who’s going to sit in my chair what
I do know is that they need to look and feel as best as possible on camera what
I have found is there are two products that I love the most slow biotics hydro
cream oil and illuminating eye cream they take any skin from dull to do eat
in a matter of seconds you can wear it under makeup or over makeup it’s perfect
for on set location shooting when I look for a product I need it to do its job
but I also want it to be beneficial for my clients as a model fashion and beauty
blogger I’m in front of the camera almost daily I have to wear a lot of
makeup so at the end of the day I can’t wait to take it off I recently found
these resurfacing pads that I used three times a week that just makes my skin
feel Dewey and it glows and makes my poor smaller and I absolutely love it