The US Women’s National Team Ashlyn Harris has been very vocal making more comments it was reported she is the
hero they need Ashlyn Harris okay because she’s the one who puts herself
on a line like Megan Rapinoe clearly seems like sort of the captain of this
portion of it yeah she’s out in front she’s shaking hands Ashlyn Harris is like an admiral she’s like angry Obama remember that character? Megan Rapinoe is like I wish we had more support and she’s like “WHERE YOU AT MEN’S TEAM?” that’s it yeah that’s pretty much what’s happening here and I think there was an
article about it on Yahoo Sports and really the main thing, to
highlight and to quote that she says like the F’ing thing that’s
missing is that the US Men’s National Team is not showing public support for
their fight for equal pay right and then someone brought up like well didn’t they
put out the letter and she’s like yeah I don’t know who wrote that but they
didn’t come out and say it recently and I’m like oooooh but in general the
Men’s National Team handles themselves a little bit more like
robotic, a little more cautious like well we have to control the message all the time the women’s team is just out here “YO WHERE’S MY MONEY?” “SAY IT TO MY FACE!” but you love it you think we won’t run up in your house? you think we won’t? I don’t care about your dog so you love to see it I love it! This is what we want! we want more fire! so you wonder why there can’t be at least some sort of compromise where
maybe the men could bring it up a little bit I feel like Michael
Bradley will eventually say something but Ashley Harris’ hand is gonna be on the back of his neck while he’s in front of a microphone yo Michael Bradley hold my pocket I bought you for 200,000 and 3 cigarette cartons that would be the funniest image ever Photoshop, yo producer! Photoshop! yo you know you got the skills to do it hire somebody so it’s interesting because again the leading up
to this trial most of the time during any court case or any upcoming
litigation right everybody’s like we can’t talk about anything because there is an upcoming litigation Ashlyn is like, I must of not heard all of that because I’m out here flaming everybody but also, you said this about me like I don’t ask people to do something I like guilt them
for not doing it me and Ashlyn must be cut from the same cloth because as soon as i heard this I was like YEAH WHERE YOU AT MEN’S TEAM? SPEAK ON IT so it’s interesting yeah look I
like seeing this stuff because this is how this is how you moved sort of the
needle forward this is how shit gets done in Newark you don’t ask someone could you please speak on my behalf you say like yo why haven’t you already spoken on my behalf it’s a slight difference in semantics the tone, tends to be I feel like you have to listen closely to understand the difference, but it’s there the demeanor is a little different so you got to appreciate her hopefully again this
pushes US soccer to I mean really she’s trying to push them forward like in the court of public opinion right because it’s like this is a move they’re winning by a landslide in the court of public opinion
yeah so hopefully it works out