1 These are facts for conscious life on Earth: 2 All action-reaction to stillness-meditation
is based on wanting to be free of some greater pain to a lesser one. There is nothing else going on. 3 We go through pain to be relieved of another
greater pain. No one suffers willingly for the sake of it
[of no imagined notion / and or reason]: 4 if it is through compulsion–the underlying
thing / and or feeling [of fear, anger, guilt, embarrassment, shame, unworthiness, jealousy,
loneliness, desperation, sadness, etc.] 5 usually underlies a deeper insecurity [through
various form of provocation, torment, antagonists and or harassing stimuli, for example: 6 ‘not being good, smart, / and or pretty
enough’, fear of ‘not having enough’, etc.]. 7 These responses are part and key to the
alpha beta competitive ego within; it exists in all deeds, by varying ratios [substantial
to minimal], 8 as a function of evolutionary advantage
to con us into successfully navigating the world, braving the harshness therein, 9 and finding a mate for reproduction–yes–and
in instances like us–carrying onto foster offspring until we can fulfill the cycle again. 10 These are the tribe-group / and psycho-social
genetic traits which exist to guarantee perpetuation of our ancestors of one single DNA molecule
that started it all 4 billion years ago. 11 The forces of motivation have risen up
from the immediate raw nerve twitch response [/ bare physics]- 12 to pain to the actual desire to flee [be
it out of fear, impulse / and or unpleasantness of any other kind]- 13 and compelling pressure [the tension to
survive–via the fight or flight mode to the passive-aggressive, and alpha-beta responses
mentioned earlier]. 14 When it comes to urges, the only difference
between aimless avoidance of pain [just seeking escape] and chasing perceived reward [focused,
trained prerogative], 15 is the long-term to short-term impact [harm
outcome] of immediate reactivity to disciplined, conditioned behavior. 16 This is fundamentally it. 17 [break] 18 The light is not within us; there is only
perpetual dark in substantial to stupefying fractions and marks. 19 The illusion of pleasure is created through
the removal of harm. 20 What you are is a machine fueled by various
guises of ill will to get you to move: 21 Life is all push, there is no pull. 22 We are slaves to will and will of others. 23 We are fiends in the night and nocturnal
beasts scowling at the light, at least that is me. 24 This is me: you have to push to get what
you want, and what you don’t want has to be endured; 25 suffer in all directions, for that is the
brick and tar of the meager sum. 26 Yield fruit from blood pustules, the puss
and sweat and tears of your frantic, 27 desperate yearning [O’! So lonely]; 28 now off towards the abyss [the death drive], 29 like once before from the womb, because
it’s a madhouse and no one gets out alive. 30 The haunting is here within, and salvation
is for the prairie dogs. 31 Fools we all are, if anything can be taken
without being paid for, 32 for logic says: suffering of one is no
different than suffering for me, you or us. 33 The horror is coming–hell subsumes forthwith–doom
awaits; die [ . . . ] 34 and live, 35 [ . . . ] 36 just now, how you wish. Come on! Arise, awaken, hearken. 37 . 38 ? 39 [end]