right so I've got this app called one-stop and it's connected to the one-stop shop and today I'm going to hopefully walk into the one-stop and get a free woman magazine tv-satellite magazine pick-me-up magazine and a chat magazine absolutely for free 1 lakh scription it just says get a free cup of water today because it's safer and he doesn't say not for if we copy women today TV satellite pick me up and chat yeah rhymes I'll show you the terms and conditions as well one story but once the one stop and yes you go and get them then every pound oh yeah we've got one on lovely thank you she alright without I need your duty bits goes off chill oh yeah okay so like so so you have got click on one of them pouches and then it's got the QR code with it I'd like to do this before we're gonna see cuz she's gonna be interested brilliantly okay if it works on the iPad stuck love legs really oh goody darlin oh it's something ugly all right I probably only wanted a lovely thankfully you have my free coffee in muffin right I put my reward card so hopefully now I'll redeem two free coffees I'll use in my please say yes sorry no that's fine thank you so from using my muffin break coffee card for every six coffee you get one free so today I've managed to get two coffees one for me one for mum she's quite happy she's got a free coffee thanks to the cooking class the Cotton Bowl thanks he's a coffee card she got her coffee free very nice iced coffee recall me v pepper to use my Holland and Barrett Belcher up and get some organic to scope of the woman's energy and flavor hopefully I'll get this t3 with my Belcher two pound fifty on women's energy organic they're gonna get little MT please I've got my voucher they're all actuality it's the same prices but it was lame so well just under that I can't give you change no that's okay or something I know there's nothing for 23 years there no no all right then just for that yeah okay you go a half yep just to learn who is my form of a life college yet that's great thank you brilliant for stuff that's all free then my meat 1 Phi 1 jhooth moves all zeros yep and then the iPad but if it's done ID for to HFE absolutely free fellows final quarter bag yeah that's fine bear with me the receipts just come and check right yep thank you video thanks so much then we were just degree we taking time I know there you go every time how'd you get free time that great time making fun and embarrassed thank you for the free cheese right so we're collecting some pinecone nice pine cones these are good for Christmas decoration it's a really nice pine cones here can put them in a bowl for Christmas compare fortune for these in like being cute Christmas climbing pussies glitter on them so they're some pinecones all for free thank you mother nature for all these wonderful pinecones and get some nice lunge roughly a nice you've got some glitter on these right so I'm thinking up this snap today which is for pound 97 and I've got to belches off which makes me four pounds off of this product which were previously chemical so there's another deal there has there got nothing on today for one time 47 of some Aussie shower body wash today in a stir at one pound 47 and I have two vouchers for a pound each of which makes this product absolutely free so I've got 50 P off very liquid and I'll use two coupons which all make up a pound and the fairy liquid up here is one pound and then go for the cheapest one I find which will make it absolutely free one pound coupon and I've also got this flash product which today is a town so that will make it absolutely free this weaving nigga everything it's getting on the dresses oh yeah oh yeah oh my words remember the fire squad then would stop and stuff my graphing come on none of the coupons upon either garden all right 21 idea right lovely thank you that's right and I forgot that laughing yes lovely noon now you have a loveliest lady ever and people really are my favorite so today's shopping was 37:48 and with those coupons it came down to twenty to thirty eight so there you go there is saving all these goodies here flat then came down razor which is reduced to four nine seven and body wash all these cities here today absolutely free that's very night thank you for being five pounds which is returned power razor is free I've just got the man and I am delighted on this good day or freebies – I've received two free samples from whiskers and this is compliments of Sainsbury's so I'm really pleased with that it also has a one-pound money off coupon off another box and you get two free samples there's a full size packet chicken and a tuna and that is one lucky cat now to have to free packets for free so what we've got here today some go big keys and also you get a 50 feet off coupon treats kunti treats one yes sir let's go popsicle this is the first time these other hand crunchy biscuits very good free I've got for free cookery book yet an offer on the line with my card yeah I didn't email come for you know what can I choose I don't know she's a boss oh I need something look what once you got so there's baking peri-implant did it but it's a mode of everything creepy yes quite a choice hmm muffins and cupcakes look they all go for that one Elle is quite good there's no purchase needed at all there's no card and if you want do you want my card just ecology yeah okay Melanie right yeah yeah very good thank you for my fingers that's personally great sister good yeah muffins and cupcakes go on super savvy mikoto UK and check out the current flash project where you can get free cleaning products and I'm just going to enter a little trial to test the products and although one here's my reviews and opinions in return to tell you how good the products are this is my neighbor having a rummage won the botany and she's pinching some nuts look at all my meals and she's gonna line the other so I'm just gonna have a nibble either so what bargains you picked up here at the reduced section Winchester 636 P yeah 36 feet for your when you put your search book but you know when you can't be bothered you want something good just something neat and your little bit you know yeah so what bargains have you got today then show us coconut milk you gotta make oh you got coconut milk and your bar bar G from my Cuddy as well I never heard it was 50 P Thank You charlie got this you've got quite a few of those then yeah you got quite a few I've got all 50 piece and that's oh yeah right love left 50 40 so yeah thank you you notice I'll just um come a bit thankful and gallon lovely thanks and I've got a great day thank you again ah sir there you have a seven pound saving more manufacturer's coupons came up with this shopping bill was originally 47-34 and i got it down to 41 85 I'm going to rush and buy some products I ask if they have any cut offs or broken pieces normally they give it to charity but it's wife a guy if you want me to be spending some money ask if they got any broken pieces smile little and the lady was kind enough to give me a free parsley soap it's really nice smells fresh green Herbie it's quite moisturizing as well that's what were there you go if you want get it for free key don't ask guys you don't get so thank you much for the free extra I've just got my mouth and I've received one of these key light free samples I don't smoke but I've bought a lot of one for my friend that she's trying to give up smoking and I think he's a quiet nice high-end products by elight curve instant use with a rechargeable battery and eat it regular flavor I believe that is and also you get with it to five pounds off vouchers and a booklet about the products and other products you get so I'll give that to I'm sure she'll be pleased with that not bad for a freebie II like cigarette hopefully it will help burn up half of totally giving up smoking and my lovely named buck leaves me some eggs outside my door from Ruby Maine and Charlie's eggs and she has some lovely chicken nothing fresh eggs yummy yummy yummy I've been vegetarian for about 18 years now almost gone vegan as I don't ever buy eggs in the shops or support factory farming certainly don't support that neighbor has about 30 chickens Oh another awesome oh my god my neighbor has about 30 chickens and with me some some eggs now and then which I enjoy I know they're happy hens that there's a cause on that one some of them are got double notes as well so that's make my egg fried rice tucking with my free eggs so big thanks to my neighbors so my neighbor who has some sea cow in our garden has given me some seeds which I can't wait to grow and I can harvest this like a vegetable cook or eat will pop in my smoothie and also these do look like string beans but they're actually poppy seed heads and their long long lines all thousands of seeds tiny tiny poppy seeds and it's a yellow corn poppy so they'll grow and just spread and spread and the lovely lovely bright vibrant lovely vibrant yellow poppy flowers this item isn't free but I just wanted to tell you that I did get it very cheap because they had a deal one for for heater kits by old El Paso where these are two pounds and there was a coupon money coupon inside this is the second box I've got now but when I was at the tio I actually took the coupon out there and then out the box they're doing good offers on any of their el paso range where you can get 40% off so I use one of these I got this pack of El Paso just for over one pound so that was quite a saving because I know these these kits can be about three pound 53 pound load onwards so that was quite a good deal so if you ever see any deals in the shops and they've got like a money off coupon don't be afraid when you're putting your stuff with a belt cueing up just take it out and use it against your product and you'll get your for a lot cheaper there and then why not your purchase in it so redeem it there and then right okay that's great thanks so let's do it what do I get today okay free popcorn bar yep lovely thank you yeah I'll be using that lovely thank you very much that's great thank you so much for that mum's getting a free picnic blanket and Oh lovely nice color too oh let's get their monkey did you get a free blanket and a picnic bar whoa look at that one for free free hugs give this is good they like not bad for free blanket lovely color seven look down a balls outside it says little often co-op Thank You co-op for the free blankie my mom's cat Leo likes the bling you do poor dance skin to a poor down crash your blanket nice you like your new blanket over those nice any celerity unsub with fraud in machine you've got your free pound Belcher what week was given last week from the blankets and bar and you're going to now redeem this exactly against two packs of cats that's good put the rubber good going through mm-hmm brilliant so that was from last week from the free blanket yes that's right very good thanks for the baby what's good see happy got your two packs of free cat food away thank you co-op it's couponing usually our dog got me and different look that masa you have yourself here they ring John but they something because they're and holy F F initially though stage now you actually took five pounds off a total even though I can actually have the items without got this for free little sample of pet food for Zuzu this is the third one we've got now and Zuzu is having a whale of a time getting free packets of food Thank You Purina you may have seen I recently received two packs or free whiskers pet food and there was a voucher in there to get a free pack of whiskers the immune support like dental bites type things and I redeem my voucher and I got this half of the keys for my little Zuzu absolutely free right so I just got the post again today and it's always a nice surprise getting my posts because I never know what's going to be in my box and today I've just received some thinking care staff by ganya and you get information on that you get one pound off voucher so that's quite good and get some information and then you get quite a lot I think this is about two weeks worth is quite a lot of cream here that was one pack and then I also got another pad for a friend I've got another three pack of whiskers dental bites so it's gonna be yet again a very happy cat helping getting lots of goodies also I bought this little worried old pack and I don't know how many get in here got to leash it but I know there's some lightly dolls in here they're really good you tell them you're worried so I just have a bigger package before they really do work you can get them out come back Chucky's oh they're tiny this is all on the site and my freebies got coat UK and super savvy me coat UK and I just keep going on then I look for the free things free deals well they're just cute little worried I'll check them out and you just turn your worries and put them back in the bag and they sort out your problems they do actually work mysteriously and today my creams I got some cat biscuits and I've also got some free coffee I don't have a coffee machine I'm really nice coffee there you've got Colombia Brazil and Kenyan coffee and you also get another pound or felcher these little capsules filler coffee I've always put these in cavity air or some strainer but still enjoy a nice free cup of coffee slight so go on is super savvy me co uk my savings dot coat UK and magic freebies UK co dot UK and you'll see the links down below but they're just free of the sites I go and I'm always often checking them and you just go on then just go and get your freebies I mean why pay for anything you know you order one now one again later you could always have a good supply of things really pleased with that above some more goodies in today's post you