Avoid being a victim of refund fraud. Here are some tips on how to keep your money safe from tax refund fraud 1. Beware of phishing emails and fraudulent phone calls asking for money or personal
information. We will never request personal information by email or text
Also be very suspicious of callers that ask you to pay immediately threaten
you with higher fees, fines or other consequences or ask you to pay through
unusual payment methods like prepaid gift cards or wire transfer. If it feels
like a scam don’t give them any personal information
and call our identity theft phone line at 804-404- 4185 to report it 2. File your return early and file electronically
Many fraudsters file early to try and get a refund before you have a chance to
file your return. File your return as soon as you have all of your
documentation such as w-2s, 1099s, 1098s and any other relevant tax forms. File
your return electronically. Electronic filing is the safest way to file your
return there’s less room for error and your return is encrypted to protect your
personal information you can find approved electronic filing options on
our website go to www.Tax.Virginia.gov/individual-income-tax-filing 3. Use direct deposit to receive your refunds Since your refund will go
directly into your bank account there’s no risk of having your refund check
stolen or lost in the mail when filling out your bank account information make
sure that all of your information is correct double and triple check your
routing and account numbers and when possible use the same bank account from
year to year and 4. Keep your tax return documents and other personal information safe lockup or secure your tax and other personal documents
electronic files containing your tax or other personal information should be
encrypted or password-protected to prevent other people from stealing your
information if you believe your social security number or tax information has
been compromised call our identity theft information line
at 804-404-4185 you can also find more information
at www.tax.virginia.gov/refund-fraud-prevention