Okay, and welcome to tighten up today, it’s your boy CD back again with an update today We’re gonna discuss week six is initial injury and practice report right now. No time for the legs – All right now so let’s get right into these injuries and practice report first on deck We got Sheree Finch back up outside linebacker I mean, he did not practice yesterday on Wednesday And we’re hoping that he’s gonna actually practice today the report should be coming out here shortly He is questionable right now for Sunday’s game and that can be in a little bit of an issue reference I were a rotational system that we do have so be able to get at the quarterback, but We do have other depth that can step in if need be But we would like to to definitely have Finch if possible But Gilbert is definitely a nice fill in if knee being and now a very underrated Individual who’s on our team. He’s on the 53-man roster and it’s completely overlooked I’m a big proponent of special teams and I would say so is Mike Vrabel Chris Milton number 30? He stands out you’ll see him every single game when every years on the field, but he did not practice today I’m he’s questionable currently with the calf injury He’s technically our third string quarterback But he predominantly plays as a gunner on punts. And as well as on kickoff returns, man. Look at this hit that’s crazy, man I could keep showing that over and over again. Nice Nice hit that he put on that guy on the kickoff return duty another guy who I look at as more of a platoon type player his offensive guard Kevin Pam file He actually did practice but it was limited today last week. He was inactive on due to injury It’s a neat thing he’s got going on Guess he tweaked it a couple weeks back Nate Davis has filled in he started last week I don’t know how that looks if even if he does come back and play if we start here if we just put him back In line and Nate Davis gets the start. I think we should go ahead and stick with the rookie get him the reps Every game every snap he just gets a little bit better and hopefully starts the process and getting this offensive line back Going in the right direction. All right now so for a couple key members we call them high-dollar Players that are on our squad that were missing for practice today number one Cameron Wake He was inactive last week didn’t play at all with the hammy and did not practice again Today with a hammy. So right now they’re listening that’s questionable for the game As an outside linebacker again looking at sharee Finch similar scenario. They have him we’ve been playing we paid him a lot of money He’s older 37 years old We paid him a ton of money to come over to help out the squad week one against Cleveland as you see he was all over Baker Mayfield, he felt the pressure the entire game he ended up with two sacks a couple weeks after that I don’t know if it was his hamstring that was acting up or something else or if they just completely took him out of the Game plan. I don’t know how it went down But they basically came out and said, oh, you know We brought him over as a specialty rusher and that’s all he’s there for he’s not a three down outside linebacker He’s just gonna come in on passing situation. So in a situation like for instance Atlanta he got to play a ton because Matt Ryan threw the ball 57 times, so he’s definitely get some play But we did miss him last week against the bills and we could definitely use him this week to go ahead and get at Joe Flacco and try to drag him down a couple times next big dollar player Delanie Walker our star stud tied in is now questionable for Sunday’s game with a knee. I know it’s early This is Wednesdays report and it’s Thursday. Again. We’re waiting on the practice report to come out but on Wednesday, he did not practice I don’t know if that’s a a little bit of a rest He’s a little bit older of a player. Just give him an extra day of rest And he’ll be at practice a full participant on Thursday. That’s the goal here I have a feeling that he’s fine And this is just kind of a caution just to make sure he’s ready to go on So whenever we really need him. Well there you have it That is the initial injury and practice report for this week on week 6 against Denver hopefully these guys get on the field and can get healed up and Actually show up on Sunday to help out the squad. That would be amazing But if not, they definitely will be missed but it’s early in the week We still got a couple more practices and a walkthrough on Saturday to determine who’s actually ready to go and of course worst case scenario we even have that gametime decision if need be Hey before you go. If you liked this episode love this episode one more of this episode Don’t forget to show your boys CDs some love click that like button subscribe Maybe we hit that Bell get yourself some notifications for the next upload And before you leave ask yourself that one question why tighten up tomorrow when you could tighten up today?