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to all the new people. I have videos on the top
deals at Target, in Walmart, and Amazon, and today I
am focusing on Best Buy from my top 10 list which you can find located right under this video screen. I also have several alternatives
to some of the products offered by Best Buy because
I just don’t want to be a PR mouthpiece for some
of these big stores, I also wanna make sure you’re
making educated decisions. So I’ll explain the giveaway in a moment, but first, without
further delay, let’s start with the number 10 deal pick,
in my opinion, smart TVs. Not just this smart TV which
is a great grab at Best Buy but their 70 inch Sony
4K Ultra HD TV, oh yeah! $600 off down from an
MSRP of 1,800 to 1,200! Awesome! Great! Keep an eye on a lot of
their other TV deals, the smart TV deals at Best
Buy are better this year than most stores. In the number nine spot,
you can save 50 to a 100 on select Bose headphones, and actually, in my number eight spot,
I do want to mention that the $220 off on Beats Studio Wireless
Headphones are great. Number seven, Best Buy is
really pushing headphones so let’s talk about the Jaybirds. The Freedom F5 Wireless In-Ear Headphones, down to $49.99 from 149 are great but I do consider Beats overpriced and the sound actually on the TREBLABS, you can look these up, the XR800s, they’re waterproof, they’re lifeproof, I like them better than
Best Buy’s $49.99 deal. You can find a standalone video that I did reviewing these, these
are also on my deal list and I’ll make sure to
include the link for you. Okay! Number six! The Ring Video Doorbell
at 99 down from 180 is an awesome grab. At number five, the Lenovo
Yoga Touchscreen Laptop. This is a beast of a machine, I love it. Usually 829, on Black Friday it is 599 and I do want to mention
if you are subscribed to this channel, leave your
notifications turned on, doesn’t have the same
specs as the Lenovo Yoga but the Intel-powered,
Windows-based $149.99 2-in-1 that I have in front
of me is a great grab as well. I’ll have a full review
and unboxing of that. In the number four spot, the
gaming bundles at Best Buy. There’s so many in these
different categories are phenomenal and I also wanna mention, gaming is great. Number three, keep an eye on multimedia, really, they’re liquidating
Blu-rays, DVDs, music, we’re talking under $5 on so many options. I know a lot of you are looking
for entertainment on a dime, the savings on here are substantial. In the number two spot, the Apple slash, not just tied to iPhones everywhere else, but MacBook Air, MacBook,
and MacBook Pro deals. Best Buy doing some
really interesting things with reductions. And in the number one spot, this is the year of
the home audio upgrade. There is a deal at Best Buy
on the VIZIO 3.0 Channel Soundbar with Digital Amplifier,
99 bucks down from 150. I should mention though
that my number one pick of all soundbars this
year is a Polk Audio deal that I found also at 99
and I think the Polk Audio actually edged out Best
Buy’s soundbar deal. So that’s my top 10 list
and that’s based more on what I’m seeing from subscribers. For some of you, I should’ve
done TVs as the number one deal but I had to base this list
on subscriber comments. So if you wanna leave me
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