Hi Friends this is Amin again Today I will be talking about How to add funds and purchase new adpacks in traffichubb Funds to your account and how to how to
buy case you are packed first you have to do is go to Iraq office had fun is
light on the bus on the beach I found you have you can add funds from $2 to
let no limit to $1000 but on the processor which a person’s legal
document baeza solid trust pay perfect money they are going to be Nutella
whatever we want to add your grief for it and something that it and takes you
to your processor your payment for this scenario now testing more so to go back
and the funds will be showing in your back office now one Italian showing in
your cash balance $1,000 he was showing you know once you have found in a cash
balance then you go and what is your ID and tell you that it’s step number for
all but assured by now we going to your there are you started a dollar at the
brunt back up to 300 at PAX at a time or and then move on to the next one is the
level one is just 300 pax that’s what $300 to where you taking from reading
now would you need from the cash balance but as you know as you start making cash
purchases you make money in a day’s time so you have you get either to date from
digging the cash balance repurchase balance of both so when you when you take it from both
feel that you click here so that it should take from the repurchase balance
of the cash balance and once you do this you just click here now and that this
and it’s free and you can see the number of shares you’re holding it will be
shown in active when it comes here in a few hours time start making your she
owns the cash balance reportable as you know its 50 50 so whatever is the cash
will be the same should be in the balance accordingly you’ll be able to
see the the banner great and that’s it disorder this was for the how to add
credit and debt fund and her and her party’s at PAX thanks to Michael