– Whoa oh oh oh oh, trainiacs. Morning, momentous day here. Just got back from the
ole morning group ride and wouldn’t you know it, but Paisley is a very fast pattern. I didn’t think so, but I ended up winning a sprint against somebody in the group who hasn’t lost a sprint in three years. Fair and square. I’m gonna have to widen these doors if my head gets any bigger. (upbeat music) There you go.
(dogs running on hardwood) Before we get into all of
the potential discounts on Team Trainiacs new platform, we gotta clean up. I got company coming later and this place is a pigsty. That’s the aftermath
of a news day Tuesday. (upbeat music) This is the aftermath
of a bunch of unboxing. (upbeat music) This is the aftermath of many
of unattended bike mechanicing is that a word? Yeah, probably. (upbeat music) ‘Cause this is a triathlon channel, not a mountain bike channel, right Pete? This is from the aftermath
of lots of dog cuddling. Right, huh, right bud? (upbeat music) Leave all those camera mounts up there, for when we start live streaming workouts. I’m gonna have to start mounting cameras all over the place. Betsy! (upbeat music) Alright, there we go, presentable. 10% camera gear, 30% tri gear. About 60% dog hair. Okay, so if you’ve been paying attention to some details about the
Team Trainiac platform, you know that a big part of
it that I’m trying to build in is essentially having it pay for itself. We’re targeting around $57 a month and what I’m working out is deals with all the companies
that I know, like, trust, that we can pass onto members
of that trainiac platform, so that the discounts
that you get on things that you’d buy day to day anyway, will basically pay for that platform. Pretty good deal, eh? So, let’s talk about some of them. Number one, if you want to get yourself some awesome strawberry shortcake speedos, Pepper Togs, Peppapeppapeppa Pepper Togs has offered up to a 30%
discount on their togs. Next one, I think this is where
people are gonna go crazy. But Roka, has offered, now
this isn’t totally clear if this is on everything
or just the clothing, but I know that there is
a discount on everything. I’m just not sure if it’s
the same for the clothing as it is for the wetsuits, but it is a 25% discount,
as far as I know, on Roka clothing, which hopefully also applies
to wetsuits and all Roka gear. That is big, that’s big. Bigger yet, Ventum has
offered up to a 20% discount on all of their bikes. You buy yourself one bike and they have an entry level bike that comes in that like $2
to 3000 range right now, training platform is paid for. Now, you’re gonna need to put some pedals on said Ventum when you get it. So, PowerTap, which is
also the same company that does Cyclops, which is also the same
company that does The Racks, has offered a 20% discount
on their power meters, excluding wheels, but we
like our P1 power pedals. Pretty good, eh? Pretty, pretty good. Now next on the list, everybody
loves them some swimming, so we’ve worked out a deal with FINIS to get 20% off all FINIS
goods, including speedos. Like, you could just stock up on speedos. I know I do. – Want me to hand model them for you? – Oh here, these. – Oooh.
– Oh, those are nice. – Beautiful hair.
– Such nice, oh yeah. – Oh my god.
– Very nice hand modeling, Mel Now, right in there with
all the Cerus product line, is the Cyclops. There’s 10% discounts on
Cyclops smart trainers and Cyclops wind trainers. And I know there’s a lot of
trainiacs out there in Canada, so there’s a heck of a lot of trainiacs that are doing a lot of training indoors. Let’s do it on Zwift on those group rides that are gonna happen. See how this is all coming together? Now, everyone’s gotta eat, we’re
trainiacs, it’s what we do. So, I’ve worked out a
deal with Tribay Market. It’s basically a version of The Feed, but from up in Canada and they have offered a 10%
discount on nutrition goods and see here’s the thing. Because it’s Canadian
dollars, like monopoly money and most of the trainiacs
are in the States, it’s basically free. Like they’re essentially paying you to get nutrition products through them. Goodr sunglasses, which I have
become a huge fan of lately, A, because they make me look good, B, because if you look good, you go fast, C, because no Triathlon Kim actually said that she likes these and I like that because it’s ridiculous
and she doesn’t like anything that’s ridiculous, except for me. So, 10% off on Goodr shades. And then finally, the last one
I’ve got firmed up already, you can get all the Paisley
cycling kit you want from SCODY. They’ve offered up to an
11% discount on everything. Not just trainiac gear, because if you don’t want to go and advertise Triathlon Taren
written across your butt. I mean, I’m all for it. You can have SCODY
written across your butt, which I’m also all for. And Paisley, as we
established this morning, is a very fast pattern. Faster than you’d think. Now, I’m also working
on a few different deals that are quite solidified yet. Something for saddles,
something for helmets, you can probably guess which ones. Something for shoes, but they’re not quite lined up just yet. Basically, what I’m
trying to do is set it up, that everything that you have
to buy in a course of a year, just to survive as a triathlete, you can get a decent discount on it. Make the team training platform
essentially pay for itself. And we’d all look the same. So when we go to a race, and we like move around, people will be like damn,
who are all those people in the Paisley kit, with the Goodr shades, and the really cool looking Ventum bikes? Thems people are trainiacs,
is what they’ll say. Write stories about us. Alright trainiacs, if you’re
into making this happen and you haven’t yet checked
out the kickstarter campaign, the link to it is in
the description below. We have well since passed the funding goal that I was looking for, but we still need to raise money. I set that funding goal really, really low and the idea was just to make
sure that we hit something, but to make sure that
we can basically build the entire team training
platform as well as we can right off the hop. We’re still raising funds to do that and it just means that we
can make it better quicker. So, link to it is in
the description below. Thank you for watching me just being me, now go be you. It’s a good quote. It should be like, now go be you.