Welcome to another one of my math videos. Here we have another trick question which
I thought was a lot of fun. It involves three friends staying in a hotel. Now the cost of the hotel is 30 dollars per
night. So if you divide this evenly each of the friends
needs to spend 10 dollars per night to stay in this hotel. So they each pay the hotel 10 dollars each. But immediately after they make the payment
the hotel realizes that they made a mistake. And they overcharged these three friends for
the room. The room really cost 25 dollars per night. So in order to make up for their mistake the
hotel decides to refund the three friends the five dollars they were overcharged. So the front desk tells the bell boy to give
the five dollars back to them. But while the bell boy is returning the money
he decides the five dollars can not be divided evenly between three people. So he decides to keep 2 dollars for himself
and to give 1 dollar to each of the three friends. So now if we take the 10 dollars they paid
initially minus the one dollar they were refunded. Each of them paid nine dollars for the room. So if they all paid 9 dollars each. That gives us a total of 27 dollars. If we add that with the 2 dollar tip of the
bell boy. 27 + 2 is equal to 29 dollars. And the question for this brain teaser is. Where is the missing dollar? We started with 30 and now we have 29. So take your time. Pause the video. Work on this problem if you need to. I will show you the solution in 5 seconds. So where is the missing dollar? Well obviously we know the dollar is not missing. And this is a trick question more because
of the way it is worded. The simple solution to this. The tip is included in the cost of the room
and should not be added afterwards. Let me show you what I mean by this. We know the 30 dollar total must be equal
to the amount of money paid plus the amount of money returned. The amount of money paid is any money that
they did not get back. So that is equal to the 25 dollars for the
cost of the room plus the tip. They don’t get the tip back so that’s money
they had to pay. So 25 dollars for the room plus the 2 dollar
tip is equal to 27 dollars. Now if we add the 27 dollars with the money
that was returned to them. Which is 3 dollars. 27 plus 3 gives us a total of 30. And we have found our missing dollar. So let me know what you thought about this
video in the comments below. Did you love it? Did you hate it? Do you think it was too easy or too hard? I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see
all my new videos. Thank you so much for watching. And I will see you in my next one.