Hello… Welcome to my channel sayeramadhan GOCAR MESSAGE TRICKS TO BE VOUCHER 99% DISCOUNT Since the GO-CAR service from PT. GO-JEK Indonesia enters our city, traveling becomes very pleasant, safe and comfortable. And no less important is the speed and convenience of ordering, so that it saves more time. For users of public transport, the presence of GO-CAR is very helpful. Because with GO-CAR we no longer have to worry about going to a place that is not covered by public transportation. Everything can be done from the grip. The method is very easy, just open the GO-JEK application on your smartphone, specify the location of the pick-up and destination, then order. So in an instant the pickup came and ready to take us to the destination. How to Order GO-CAR through GO-JEK Application 1. Open the GO-JEK application on your smartphone 2. Select GO-CAR 3. After the menu opens, then write down the location of the pickup and destination location. Then automatically will appear how much distance and costs to be paid. There are two payment methods that you can choose, namely using GO-PAY or Cash. Before pressing the ORDER GO-CAR button, make sure that the pick-up location and destination location and payment method you choose are correct. 4. Wait for the system to find a driver for you. The length of time you wait to get a driver depends on the location where you are picked up. If the location is still in the middle of the city, usually less than 1 minute the driver is available. But if the pick-up location is rather on the outskirts of the city, it usually takes a little longer. 5. Once the driver is available, the GO-JEK application will show the name of the driver and brand and the license plate that will be used to pick you up, and how long the driver will arrive. Usually GO-CAR drivers will call and make sure where to pick you up. 6. After the GO-CAR driver arrives, it’s time for you to enjoy the trip to your destination. 7. If you have arrived at your destination safely, don’t forget to give a 5 star to the driver who has delivered you through the GO-JEK application. Giving stars or positive values, will mean a lot to them. click subscribe thanks