Hi. I’m Sam with Grocery Coupon Network. And
today I’m gonna talk to you about Try it Free rebates. I love rebates of any kind and Try
it Free rebates are my favorite. Generally, you get to try a product and you get refunded
the full cost of the product after you buy it and send in what you need to. And you get
to try it free, hence the name. So one of my favorite Try it Free rebates
that comes along now and again is the Lysol Dual Action Wipes. I’ve probably gotten this
free three times from different rebates. So you can only request during the different
rebate time. But they’ll do it again, say in a couple of months, and you’ll be able
to do it again. So this was in the inserts, but there was
also a printable coupon on line when the rebate was going on. And it actually is just ending
tomorrow, so we’ll have a couple of weeks. The middle of May is when I need to send this
in with my receipt and my proof of purchase, my UPC there. And I’ll get the full price
back. And this was, at the time I bought it, $2.99 at Target. And sometimes if you use a coupon with the
Try it Free rebate, depending on how it shows up on your receipt — like, if it doesn’t
show up with the item and all your coupons are at the bottom of the receipt, you may
even get a moneymaker from the refund. Because say I used a $0.50 coupon with this and the
coupon was on the bottom of my receipt and not specifically listed with the product,
I would still get $2.99 for this and it would be a $0.50 moneymaker. There’s also a Try it Free rebate available
right now for the Natural Dentist Mouthwash. You can look on Grocery Coupon Network to
find out more details on this. But you can basically try this Natural Mouthwash up to
$7.99. And there is a specification on this one that you have to buy it at Walgreens or
Rite Aid. Usually where you buy it is up to you, but
always read the fine print to make sure you know any restriction. So with this one, you
go to Walgreens, you buy it up to $7.99 — again, same thing applies with the coupon. And you
mail it in and you’ll get your $7.99 check, probably in six to eight weeks. So you got
the item for free, and sometimes it’s a moneymaker. I love Try it Free products. And you can always
check Grocery Coupon Network to see what’s available as a Try it Free. We have quite
a few of them on there. And they come and go. Sometimes there’s a lot going on. Sometimes
there’s just one or two. But we always post about them when we have them. And it’s a great
way to get free products.