hi guys today I’m gonna show you how I
got this uber eats promo code that saved me over half off of my order as you can
see I saved 1250 on my order which equaled almost the cost of my turn so if
you’re interested in learning how I got this promo code then stay tuned. I’m going to go ahead and open up my web browser and go to the following website and it’s
your mafia that’s he paid for it / uber eats and I’m gonna put it
somewhere here on the screen so that it’s easier to read baby now you’re on the page where you put
continue obviously and continue past this page and it will start I’m assuming
generating the codes I click finished here and when you see the codes
initially they are blurred out and you have to do the capture and this capture
is kind of different it has to do an offshore or an app the first time I did
this I chose an app because it was quicker to do and so that’s what I’m
doing now I’m looking for an app installed that I could ever now I’m gonna go to the app and I was
sitting here reading just to make sure that it was a free trial and it does say
a three day free trial so I will go ahead and subscribe and just cancel it
later once again I’m blacking out my Apple ID information now that it’s
finished I’m going back to the page where the promo codes were and the first time
I did this the page refreshed automatically and the codes appeared but
this time it didn’t probably because my signal was so weak and my internet was a
little bit slow so i’ma go ahead and refresh the page and they did appear so
now I’m going to copy the code now I have a black box here because I’m not
sure if I would have used all these codes by the time I post this video
sorry and I was struggling to copy the code but now I finally have it and what
I’m going to do is go back to the uber eats app place an order just to make
sure that this code works because I’ve already used one and there you go a safe 1250 like I said
before that was almost the total cost of my food which was twenty seven something
in the beginning so fifteen twenty-five is not that bad especially for an uber
eats order depending on the fees anyways if you want to leave your uber eats
promo code below to get referrals from new users then definitely feel free to
do that and if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and I talk to you guys