where is everyone at today is it the same at your brand is at and will it be the same at we're all hanging out at tomorrow what we're experiencing today is a coming together of trends in the way we share search and consume information it's a culture shift a new normal information is the new currency being exchanged on an open market that continues to get bigger better and more imaginative by the second we're all connected we're all exploring we are all powerful we are moving at the speed of life and valpak places your brand in the middle of it with a full network of services to help keep your customers informed whether you're looking to acquire new ones retain old ones or create awareness for something completely inspired print comes alive the web brings us closer together and mobile is where it's at bundle them together with our targeted media and you can tap into your market click with your customers and push the envelope further than you ever thought possible at home at work at play we are using the innovation at our fingertips to search for a more satisfying human experience and when we find it at the register for less it makes life that much sweeter valpak makes the search for saving simple and fun and now more than ever we're all seeking value up and down the pay scale clipping coupons is simply a way of life more than ninety percent of us have used a coupon at one time or another eighty-four percent of us have already printed and redeemed online coupons for local businesses and by 2013 nearly 40 million Americans will have redeemed a coupon with their phones your customers are looking everywhere to save on the stuff they love to buy and can't get by without make valpak the channel that places your message of value everywhere they look at the moment of freedom at the moment of discovery at the moments we share valpak is there just as we have been for more than 40 years through innovation and local expertise the valpak will be the number one provider neighborhood values to consumers anywhere at any time join us join us join us join us join us I would denley recommend Valpak for other businesses it's definitely proven and in my business that valpak definitely works and you see customers coming in for the first time once they get in the mail every month we've been working with valpak for over 10 years now and what we really love about valpak is that they have become a partner with us they know each of our franchisees specifically and really work with them to try and help them build their business