did you know this on average a company uses six different waist contractors and often they'll contract out part of the service they provide with rampant waste manager portal service we put you back in control by helping you track waste compliance and data at the same time we'll help you assess the regulation link to your waste and review them to check if they are applicable and that you are compliant the document storage feature also stalls all the paperwork for your site including waste movements contractors licenses permit and exemptions while monitoring your legal compliance you can also track your way state of environmental and financial performance engaged any targets such as achieving zero waste to landfill think you need help gathering all this information from your contractors no problem we can help with that too the automatic graph generated from your data allows you to clearly see your progress giving you more time to spend managing your waste Val tags waste manager portal can help you build strategies based on your waste data to set all your objectives and targets to find out how well packed waste manager portal can help you contact us today for more information or book in a demo