these are the lands of powerful Pharaoh's great deserts where thousands of years ago people lifted columns and erected monuments to rulers like Cheops ramasees and Nefertari this is Egypt in all its ancient and modern glory this is the trip to Egypt you have always longed to take is a land of great contrasts the bustling city of Cairo is just a few miles away from small towns along the Nile the ancient wonders of Giza and Luxor and the 20th century masterwork of the Aswan Dam the language I find it the best way to see the high points in the least amount of time we get off the tour get back on and relax again it's it's really fun with Viking River Cruises you will visit the great pyramids and the eternal Sphinx at Giza and see the mighty temples of Luxor and Karnak stroll among giant colonnades of ancient temples ride a camel through the desert landscape study hieroglyphics and write a felucca as Egyptians have done for millennia cruise the mighty Nile between Luxor and Aswan and perhaps sail across Lake Nasser we're like a mirage shimmering in the Egyptian Sun you will encounter the four colossal statues of Abu Simbel the adventure traveling through all these different towns pilot the sailors fabulous with Viking River Cruises you'll get to know the real Egypt your cruise includes one or more escorted tours each day all led by english-speaking guides and Egyptologists plus we enlighten you in egypt's myth and mystery with our cultural highlights and culture curriculum programs he smooth the path forth there was never a wrinkle anyplace we just went right along no problem at all to ensure you experience Egypt in comfort and luxury viking has partnered with the world's finest hosts for both your cruise and hotel accommodations relax in the comfort of your Riverview stateroom or mingle with newfound friends as you enjoy ever-changing views from the Sunday enjoy meals from an abundant breakfast buffet to a multi-course dinner featuring regional specialties and our english-speaking tour escort is with you throughout to ensure we exceed your expectations Viking offers a number of itineraries in Egypt ranging from nine to twelve days and to answer your journey we offer two different four night land extensions visiting fascinating Israel or wondrous draw with its lost city of Petra Viking River Cruises is your perfect host in Egypt offering full value packed itineraries that include superior first-class hotel accommodations on land or outside Riverview state runs onboard english-speaking crew and tour guides one or more tours every day all meals included gourmet cuisine including regional specialties and old favorites welcome cocktail reception and dinner and the captain's farewell dinner intra Egypt flights and transfers and all port fees low international airfare is also available Plus with our price guarantee once you pay in full your price is locked in and for added peace of mind we also offer our castle for any reason travel protection plan and viking is the only river cruise line to proudly offer an exclusive 24 hour service guarantee ask for details when making your reservation for more information or to make your reservations see your travel agent or call us toll free at 187 seven six six Viking remember to ask for the most up-to-date offers and inquire as to how you can save with our a check program specific itinerary details can be found at our website at Viking River Cruises calm