Hi, it’s Arif Virani, the Member of Parliament
for Parkdale-High Park, and I’m here at H&R Block at the corner of Queen and Dunn
with Atsuko. Welcome Atsuko! Hi! Thank you so much to H&R Block – what they’re
doing here is they’re helping people file their taxes on time and the deadline is April
30, so please get in your taxes soon, and what they’re learning about is the Climate
Action Incentive. Are people familiar with this when they walk
in, Atsuko? Yes. Excellent, and how does it work? How much is the Climate Action Incentive? $154 for the individual, and then $307 for
a family of four. That’s amazing! What people are learning about is how the
price on carbon pollution works. The monies are collected, and then they are
returned – all of the monies are returned to either businesses, or individual Canadians,
so when you file your taxes, you are eligible for a Climate Action Incentive rebate, which
means $154 for an individual or $307 back on your tax return if you are a family of
four. Please find out about it, and please file
your taxes on time to take advantage of the Climate Action rebate to help with the fight
on combatting pollution. Thanks!