How do you know if the Airbnb host actually
cleaned the place or if they just pocketed the cleaning fee? I love this question and I can’t wait to answer
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a guest who stays at an Airbnb and they had to pay a cleaning fee and they want to know
how do I know that the Airbnb host is actually cleaning or if they just pocketed my cleaning fee. Alright, so here is how this works. If there is one thing, if there is only one
thing that the Airbnb host is going to do, and this goes for vacation rental, short term
rentals, homestay, home share, whatever the term is that you’re most comfortable using,
the one thing that is the most important to them is the cleaning because the cleaning
will determine your rating and review. If you get to a house and the house is not
clean, the beds are not made, there’s peanut butter smushed on the counter from the last
guest, there’s garbage left in the disposal, and there’s dirt on the floor, you are not
going to stay, right? The very first thing you’re going to do is
complain, so ratings and reviews are paramount to the success of the business because other
guests read that social proof and then they determine whether or not they’re going to
stay with that Airbnb host. I promise, I promise, they’re going to do
the cleaning, okay? Now whether or not they hire a cleaner or
they do it themselves, it doesn’t matter. There are a lot of hosts that do the cleaning
themselves and they do a spectacular job because in their minds nobody is going to do it as
well as they do. Some of them do it to save money, so it really
depends but it does not matter. Even if they do their own cleaning and they
pocket the money, that’s fair because professional house cleaners get paid to clean and if you
have a host that’s going to do that job, they too should get paid. Now when you are a member of Airbnb, they
ask you do you pay a living wage? It’s called a living wage promise to your
help, and that’s the person that does the bookings and the listings and the marketing
and the house cleaner and all these partners that make the Airbnb go. Do you pay a living wage? Meaning we’re not hiring people and then undercutting
them, paying them under the table, and we’re not paying them enough to live off of, right? Even if it’s the host themselves, if they
pocket the money, it’s because they earned it. Really, they earned it and so did they pocket
the money, I hope so. I hope that if they are in fact doing their
own cleaning, I hope they pocketed your money instead of reinvesting it into the business. I hope they earned some money from this because
I promise you, your cleaning for your Airbnb is paramount to their success, and if not,
I hope they hired a professional house cleaner and I hope they paid them fair living wages. It’s the living wage promise. Alrighty, so that’s how that works. Now if you found this tip helpful, please
share it with your friends because who knows, maybe it will help someone else. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.