hey maximizers and welcome back to my channel if you are new here welcome my name is crystal and this is our Walgreens top deals for June 9th through the 15th I'm super excited for the deals this week another small but mighty week but I'm just excited about the deals I don't know what it is I'm just I'm on fire to go to Pine this week so bear with me as I bask in my excitement okay before we dive right into the deals I want to let you all know that I do provide a printable breakdown it is linked in the description box it is a Google document so you need to open it using Google Chrome or use the Google Docs app on your phone okay this breakdown breaks down everything and it gives you a lot of detail so before we check out the deals let's go ahead and check out the principal breakdown okay this is a printable breakdown again it is a Google document so at the top you're gonna see item price coupon reward rebate apps let me go back to rewards at Walgreens so the rewards will be register awards or points rebate apps is ibadah checkout 51 saving star rebates store olp stands for store out-of-pocket and basically that is how much will you pay as a register for these items and then final price after award is how much does this item cost you after you get back your rebate apps and your rewards okay any deal that you see highlighted in pink is a beginner deal that means if you get coupon inserts on Sunday June 9th you have the Walgreens at download it with your account linked to it or you print out some coupons check back to my channel one Sunday I'll let you know which coupons to print you will be able to do those deals okay so if it's your first week or your first month keep hunting definitely check out the pink deals they are for beginners alright so there's two detergent deals I want to share with you guys this week the first one I'm doing is Arm and Hammer if you're a brand loyal to Arm and Hammer and you are a beginner I would say go after this deal there's no coupons available at the moment I've searched high and low I can't find any online at all but the Armand Hammer is gonna be on sale for just a dollar and 99 cents no coupons no rebates no rewards nothing like that but if you are brand loyal to Armand Hammer this is a good price now if you seasoned and you've been around for a few weeks I think maybe like a month or so ago we were able to get Armand Hammer I believe for like 99 cents so that's why I'm saying only do this if you are a beginner and brand loyal to Armand Hammer because let me tell you about the second deal which is even better now this extra no coupons no rebates no nothing 51 ounces is on sale for 90 nine cents if you know that most laundry soaps have the same active ingredients compare this to your favorite smell it get the scent you like I love using extra I don't see a difference if I use extra if I use Thai that's just me I just know that my clothes the smell clean and they look clean extra is a great detergent it is on sale for 99 cents so if you are truly on a budget you can even spend five dollars and get five of these and that collect you a long time so if you are brand new if you have a lot of kids and they're a dirty messy this is definitely a good detergent to use if you like to wash I wash my um my I can't even think about what I'm trying to tell y'all because I'm so excited my rugs I wash with this even my comforter is like I wash everything with extra okay this is an amazing deal for laundry soap this is a stock up price okay when I did not have a lot of money ballin on a budget whenever I can get detergent for 99 cents I would spend anywhere from five to eight dollars getting it because that could last my family about six to seven months okay so if you are on a really tight budget I highly suggest you try out some extra because it's probably gonna go off the shelves pretty quickly this week okay next I'm gonna highlight the Lori ll5 it is gonna be one sale two for eight dollars okay and there's a $4 off one it may affect your coupon coming out in the six nine smart source there is also a $2.00 off to coupon in the IVC booklet IVC booklet stands for an instant value coupon the booklets are found in the front of the store where the ads are they are totally free okay another thing I might let you know about the booklet is that you do not have to rip the coupon out and give it to the cashier you keep that booklet for the entire month if you look at the front of it it tells you the dates that the coupons are valid you keep that booklet and you just give it to the cashier they will scan it and that's good for up to four items that are whatever the coupon is okay so for this the coupons is $2 off – so all they have to do is scan it once and bam two dollars will come off so between both coupons you're gonna get six dollars off your total making the final cost just two dollars or one dollar each a dollar each for shampoo or conditioner it's definitely a stock up price okay so if you want to try Lori ll vibe if you would be dinner you want to get your feet wet doing a very easy and simple couponing deal I highly suggest you snag some Lori ll5 this week at Walgreens okay all right so I'm SuperDuper excited to be sharing with you a food deal and I think this is a pretty awesome food deal so all the items you see here the El Paso the pace the ground beef they are horn promo buy one get one free now I'm personally looking at the taco kits because it comes with the shells it comes with the seasoning and cuz it all the basics you need to actually have a taco night right so what I plan to do is to grab two of the El Paso taco kits the ones at my store are 399 but it's like half soft shell have hard show and they are 399 so you're gonna grab two you're only gonna pay 399 however there's a $1 off to coupon in the walgreens at you want to clip that to your account that's gonna leave you to pay just $2.99 at the register for two boxes of the El Paso taco kids but it gets even better there is a savings star rebate for $1 back when you buy to El Paso kids so you're gonna get an additional dollar back from saving star if you don't know about saving star there's a link in the description box for you to see it also I had a tutorial video as well but after you get that dollar back your final cost is going to be just 99 per kid coming down from 3.99 I will take it this is a non-perishable item that you can definitely have stocked up in your pantry for a month or two without it expiring and this is always something good to have I like to have on hand so if I ever need to make a quick dinner or a lazy dinner all I have to do is you know get some chicken or some ground beef or even some shrimp and put them in a taco and we have dinner in like 15 to 20 minutes okay and lastly this deal I'm also super duper excited about the Shea Moisture is on promo buy one get one 50% off ok we don't have any manufacturer coupons but there is a three dollar IVC booklet coupons that you can use alright so grab two items now the price points at Walgreens very different stores have different prices you can either grab two products for 1349 or you can grab two of the 1199 products I've put both the break downs options on the breakdown so you can choose I personally will be going for the higher price items like the mask or the curl enhancing smoothie simply because I can use any shampoo and conditioner and I really love Shea Moisture for their leave ins their mess and the curl enhancing smoothie okay so me personally I'll be going for a mess or leaving and they're gonna be probably the higher end of the spectrum so for me I'm gonna grab two 1349 products one will be full price one will be around $6.75 it's gonna bring my total of twenty dollars and twenty four cents I'm gonna use the IVC booklet coupon it's gonna take three dollars off each products so that's six dollars total off my total at the register will be fourteen twenty four but that's gonna make each product just seven dollars which is about 50 ish percent off which I'm totally okay playing because Shea Moisture is expensive so to get it for seven dollars this is one of those products that you're not gonna get for 99 cents it's one of those products that you will most likely pay full price for if you are brand loyal and I am brand loyal to Shea Moisture to a certain extent doing natural hair is expensive and tiring so when you find those good products that work for your hair you kind of cling to them so I love the Shea Moisture and I'm definitely gonna use this as an opportunity to add some more products to my collection okay that's it maximizers for our top deals at Walgreens for June 9th through the 15th like I said I'm super excited to do these deals if you guys have any questions about the deal the breakdown please comment those down below check back to my channel on Sunday June 9th where I will have my haul video up for you to see if I find any unexpected deals that were not advertised I will definitely share them with you again if you have questions please comment those down below thank you all so much for your love and support I really appreciate it and as always please like share and subscribe thank you all so much for watching and I will see you in the next video