Clip to save you will be amazed. Hey lovely people Couponing Crystle here with my Walgreens haul for this week
okay now I had a five dollar register reward that I needed to roll into some
type of deal that was gonna give me some points because I’ve only got 6190 in
points which is not very much okay so the deal that I decided to do was the
Listerine Listerine select products this week is spent in and get 5000 in points
so I thought that’s a good deal now since the suspend deal I can’t use
any points to pay for this deal so remember that okay now I did have
coupons for this I had printable coupons for this I did not print those coupons
from I’m not quite sure where to ham sandwich I printed on form
but I’m going to show you a picture so perhaps when you look at the coupon you
guys will recognize it okay and then you can go print if it’s still available
okay all right now the nightly reset was priced at 4 dollars and 79 cents and
then the zero alcohol sensitivity one was priced at $6.20 these two together
was $11 an 8-cent okay now had a one dollar coupon and a one dollar coupon
that came off of my purchase okay those coupons I’m going to show you a picture
neck I had to get another item some type of
cheap filler item if you can find the look clearance little small piece of
candy couldn’t find any of those so I had to get me a dadgum 2-liter soda for
79 cents grape soda hopefully it’s good never tried it before if you guys have
tried the nice brand before and grape soda let me know in the comments below
if it was good and if you liked it ok nail the 79 cent filler item soda the
reason why I’m calling in a filler item is because I’ve got the register reward
they count that as a coupon then I got those two $1 printable coupons for the
list of Ring Listerine says three things ok
so I need to make sure that I had a coupon the ratio I needed to have a
coupon for each item that I’m purchasing because otherwise if I didn’t do the
soda I to have the register reward sticking out there with no product
attached to it so that’s the reason why I did it that way ok next 79 cent soda
combined with eleven dollars and eight cents worth of Listerine was $11.87 ok I
had to $1 coupons to come off dropping into 987 and then my $5 register water
comes off dropping into 4 dollars and 87 cents so I had to pay the 4 dollars and
87 cents out of pocket and I used some ibotta money okay so got my 5000 points
back and I say it alright I’m balling let’s go buy
something else ok and what I decided to do is what I’ve been doing for weeks the
Dogons got paper towels which is a deal that can’t be beat
alright you buy one 5 dollars and then you get a second one for half price
which is 2 dollars and 50 cents which is $7.50 altogether there is not a coupon
available in the inserts because it expired one Sunday on Mother’s Day ok
but if you’re able to maybe go on the Scott brand I think is Scott brand calm
you able to go on Scott’s website and possibly print you off some coupons then
have added coupon and crystal didn’t feel like it so I didn’t do it I may but
I didn’t okay I may do it later I may do it again but I didn’t okay I’m using
points someone really Karen okay sorry ma’am
I deal want to do two Purex crystals okay I don’t want to do that because
it’s dollar ninety-nine and we’ve got a 50 cent clip to card coupon that’s gonna
drop it to a dollar and 49 cents okay I thought that was a pretty decent deal
that combined with my $7 and 50 cent worth of paper towel is what $8.99 I
decided to use 5000 in points which was basically the 5000 points that I got
from the Listerine making me pay out of pocket $3.99 um I bought a money okay
and then I was really good because that way I really didn’t have to mess with my
61 19 points like I got a whole bunch of points I walked around a store walked
around that store y’all trying to think of a deal a beauty deal or something
then I realized my seven dollar offer to see the field
coupon was expired I was like oh man so I couldn’t think of any other better
deal to do lovely people but one thing I will be doing is the Colgate deal I’m
gonna be doing that Colgate deal where you’re able to buy and get you some
points you’re gonna buy the two Colgate’s that are priced at 299 use
some type of coupon that you possibly may have and get back 4,000 points I’m
gonna actually probably do that twice tomorrow because I found two Pili’s in
Publix all right and then I had what a $1 in circular
so I’m gonna be able to do that deal profit twice Romila points and give me a
little points and that’s what I’m going to do lovely people so I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and if you did think about giving coupon and krystal a thumbs
up and hopefully surely surely you’re already subscribed right
I hope you are I appreciate all my new subscribers all my new lovely people
your comments your mail you taking the time to converse with me when I do
something that I just love to do which is couponing catch on tell a coupon like
every day I post a video about every day every other day my ham sandwich if y’all
don’t know I like the coupon something wrong okay remember good to save and you will be
amazed bye bye