lovely people Couponing Crystle here
with my Walgreens Hall for this week I had a percentage off coupon clipped in
my Walgreens app I had a 10% off of $15 and then I had a 10% off of $20 so I was
actually expecting the 10% off of $15 to apply to my purchase but it did not it
actually picked up the 10% off of $20 okay so let’s get into this deal the
first thing that I did was the Colgate optic white advanced toothpaste pretty good
size this is a 5 ounce tube alright it is on sale for $4.99 this week now if
you have a $1 insert coupon coupon or possibly off of the website
for Colgate you can get it for $3.99 and then you’re gonna turn around and get a
$3 register reward back which is a pretty sweet deal alright so that’s
pretty good I feel for the Colgate since I was using the percentage off
coupon I wanted to do that because I wanted to get something back so I did
that the next thing I did was the tissue I’m always doing shout out to Amy and
another one of you lovely people you know who you are that suggested that I
do the Scott’s tissue and paper towel because it’s not on sale it is a coupon
so I have to remember that it is not on sale but it is a coupon okay so you know
I’m just thinking in my mind that it’s on sale you know but actually it’s five
dollars and the the Walgreens booklets at the front of
the store it’s gonna take off the dollar 25 making it be $3.75
after the coupon all right so I got two of the tissue paper I got two of the paper towel so before
coupons it’s $20 for the four after coupons it.s $15 for the four now
the next thing that I decided to get was the deal that is on the front of the
flier this week where you purchase the tide simply it’s for the laundry
detergent or fabric softener select tide simply downy or bounce all right they’re
on sell for $2.99 I think that’s a pretty good deal so I
got two of the tide simply now there is a dollar off 2 click to app coupon
however for some reason it didn’t come off okay the next thing that I got was
the Downy so the Downey is a forty load okay it is a 50 cent app coupon for
this so the three of the products together was eight dollars and 97 cents
I was expecting a dollar fifty to come off that in fact a dollar didn’t come
off only 50 cent came off but had all the coupons applied it would have been
$7.47 then you get back your $3 register reward making it be four
dollars and 47 cents or a dollar 49 each which is not too bad if you need laundry detergent so I wanted to do the deal because I thought it was pretty
good so that was all for my percentage off purchase everything together $33.96 that’s a lot didn’t want to
pay that out of pocket for sure ok now I did have a six dollar register reward
to apply to this purchase that was actually from doing the P&G purchase
from last week where I got the Charmin tissue the Charmin tissue Charmin paper
towel deal that was going on okay and I think it was tide as well so I had that
six dollar register reward I decided to roll it into this deal and I also used
twenty dollars in points making my out of pocket be only dollar and thirty cent
not bad at all for what I got considering I didn’t burn through all of
my points I did get six dollars back in register
rewards so I was pleased about that so let’s go to the receipt so you guys
can see and maybe you all can help me figure out why the percentage coupon
apply to some of the products that I didn’t expect it to cause you guys know I
am NOT a master of Walgreens however I seem to be shopping with them way more
than I do CVS okay so here’s the top of the
receipt there you see the Downy the 10% came off of that it came off of the tide
it came off of a Colgate there you see the regular price is $5.99 so I’m not
quite sure I didn’t think it would apply to things that were on sale maybe I’m
misunderstanding okay so let me know in the comments below the video I forgot I
did get peanut M&Ms I did not tell you guys that but I did get a pack of peanut
M&Ms and there you see that’s Charity y’all hear in the background there you
see the 10% coming off of the Scott so a total of what I saved with that
percentage of coupon was $2.99 the dollar was the internet printable for
the Colgate the downy $0.50 but my dollar for the
tide did not apply I don’t know what happened that $6 is my register reward
and so you see my total was twenty one dollars and thirty cents I did redeem
twenty dollars in points so I only had to pay a dollar and thirty cents out of
pocket I’m pretty pleased with that so guys I need you all to explain it to me cuz
I’m not by any means a what’s the word I’m not a master of walgreens I’m not a
master I’ve not mastered Walgreens I am an inexperienced couponer at Walgreens
however I seem to frequent them very much I like them they are my boo right
now okay but I guess I’m trying to understand the
difference between the paper percentage coupons that I got last week and the app
percentage coupon so apparently is it that I can use the app one on sale items
that must be what it is and the paper one I can’t use it on sale items because
that’s what I was asking you guys oh why should I use it on because I didn’t use
it you know what I’m saying I haven’t used it so what I used today was out of
the app so I don’t know I’m not really understanding that part but hopefully
you guys know maybe you all are more experienced with it cuz heck not too
long ago I just found out they were in the app show up okay all right so that’s
it I was really pleased with my haul for this week at Walgreens my sister Marianne she did that deal but she did a different way I believe I think her
coupons did come off so I don’t know why mine didn’t she also did the crest deal
where the crest is two dollars and 99 that’s on the front of the flyer this one
right here the crest is $2.99 $0.99 after the $2 app coupon and you’re
getting a $4 register reward when you buy -2 okay so it’s a buy deal you can use
points to get this if you got the $2 app coupon that will be awesome
I’ve already used it so I didn’t have it so that will be a really really good
deal for the toothpaste and you’re getting $4 register back
so I wasn’t able to do that deal so I just skipped okay that’s it remember
click to save and you will be amazed bye-bye