lovely people couponing Crystle here
with the Walmart Ibotta haul didn’t do very much
couponing today at all lovely people I actually took a nap and that is a very
rare thing for me but let’s get into these rebates I have a total of 11
rebates all right the first thing I got but let me tell you this the main two
things that I wanted to get was the Tide pods and the liquid Tide okay well I
guess Ibotta or Walmart has realized what they did with that rebate okay that
rebate is not working for me meaning it’s not letting me scan the $4.94
products so if it’s still working for you guys let me know in the comments
below of the video but unfortunately as of today for me I tried my normal
Walmart and then I tried a different Walmart same thing all the products I
had to even go back and look at my own video to see which one I purchased and I
scanned that one in store tonight and it did not work all right
so oh well it was nice while it lasted let’s go ahead and get into these
rebates okay first thing I did was the soft soap hand soap okay this one is the
peony and plum it is a 13 fluid ounce versus the 11
ounce 11.25 I think this one was actually priced at two dollars and 98
cent low pricey for hand soap but I did have a 50 cent coupon that I printed off
of soft soap calm there’s so that made my in-store cost be $2.48 cent but then there is a $1 Ibotta rebate making the final cost be a $1.48
for the softsoap now the next thing that I did get I got
the Palmolive again I didn’t have a coupon but there is a coupon that came
out in this past Sunday so of course if you have it that’s gonna be great for
you but my cost was a $1.98 didn’t have a coupon the rebate is
for $0.55 making it be a $1.43 now if you have the
$0.50 you’re gonna pay what a $1.48 and then you’re gonna get
back the $0.55 rebate which is gonna make it be under a dollar not too bad
that’s a good price that’s a good price considering you know the deal that’s
running at Walgreens now right next the Cottonelle wipes the booty wipes I love to have these in my bathrooms in my house okay
these are $2.43 this is in fact the 42 count okay this is the 42 count $ 2.43
there is a $0.75 cent coupon but for some reason that coupon did not want to scan
the cashier and I would go to self checkout okay the cashier had to put it
in for me make it my store cost be a $1.68 after coupon there is a $0.50
cent rebate on Ibotta and that made it be a $1.18 cents okay CENTS!! that’s a inside joke Persil all right least my Persil was still
working all right $4.94 okay had you know what
ham sandwich hold on a minute I just thought about something did I use
my coupon for that Oh Lord Jesus please let me be done using my coupon for that yeah I did I forgot I had a coupon for this y’all I didn’t write it on the book
I’m sorry I ain’t even gonna edit that out because sometimes that’s how it is
okay the Persil was $4.94 in store remember I
told you there’s a 16 and then there’s a 15 so make sure you
get the 16 all right dollar came off with my dollar insert
coupon that I do believe was I’ll tell you I’ll put it on there and see to see
what insert it was in making it be $ 3.94 in the store two dollar rebate from Ibotta coming back then it’s a $1.94 that’s good for some laundry detergent
okay next thing that I got was the suave deodorant suave deodorant is a $1.97 there is a $0.50 Ibotta rebate making it be a $1.47
those little $0.97 cent ones don’t work you got to get this one the little taller
one okay next the Dove I was sleeping on this deal I don’t know why okay didn’t
realize the three-count works on this dove deal I’m gonna tell you why I
realized it okay is because remember I told you when you’re shopping with our
bottom make sure you go down to your bonuses and see if you’ve purchased the
item that has a qualifying additional bonus that you could purchase the other
item and get you some extra money and that is what I was doing and that’s how I
seen the Dove okay when we did those foaming hand soaps at Walgreens okay if
you purchase that get this do this Ibotta rebate it’s $0.75 cent and then
you’re gonna get an additional $0.50 cent bonus alright so the Dove soap for the 3
pack bar alright make sure you scan because I think I scanned the sensitive
and the sensitive was not matching okay so this was $3.47 no coupon I didn’t have
a coupon but there’s a $0. 75 cent rebate making the cost be $2.72 after rebate and
then if you factor in the $0.50 cent then it’s more like what $2.22 after my little
extra bonus not too bad not too shabby alright the
next thing that I got was cookies okay let me talk about this cuz I ranted and
raved about the Oreo version okay my goal was to get those another pack I
don’t know what it is today with Walmart those things were not scanning and I
just bought them the other day so I don’t know what the ham sandwich is
going on with that okay but there are two rebates there is one for the Oreo
and then there is one for the Chips Ahoy okay so I decided to you know what the
heck let’s try the chips away let’s see how they are so they were priced at $2.56 there is a $0.75 cent rebate making it be a $1.81 after rebate I will try them for a $1.81 okay there is a
Nabisco rebate or check out fifty one I tried it it didn’t work okay
it didn’t scan all right just one occasion I was thinking it the next
thing I got was the ginger ale the Canada Dry ginger ale with orange
aid okay now this one was actually it rang up for a $1.24 or $1.25 but
it was not supposed to because they had a display of them on the seasonal aisle
for 98 cent and that’s what I had the cashier to change the price to cuz I
wanted to get it for 98 cent 98 cent 25 cent Ibotta rebate makes the cost $0.73
for the two liter and actually that’s a good price I’m not going to
drink it I’m going to save it and sit it over here because the twins baby shower
okay so who knows I might need this for some
punch or something I’m gonna save it for the baby shower I’m not gonna drink it alright but I did do another one
there is another one and it is actually $1.25 this one was not on the
seasonal aisle and I didn’t want to be dishonest it was a $1.25 even though
she asked me but I was like no cuz it wasn’t on the seasonal aisle so it was a
$1.25 25 cent rebate making it be $1 after the rebate I’m gonna sit
that over here this is some mrs. meyer’s fabric stuff
that I had got this I got this old clearance somewhere I think it was five
in CVS’s somebody but I had an Internet printable from and it was on
clearance so it made it be a good deal I don’t know if you guys have tried this
mrs. Meyers clean day fabric softener it has a real strong aroma therapeutic yeah
it has a pretty strong lavender smell so I can’t wait to wash some sheets into
that okay the next item I decided to get was the world just juice the Welch’s
juice is priced at $2 there is a 75 cent I bought a rebate making the cost be a
dollar 25 for some juice I think that’s a pretty good deal that is the passion
fruit now this juice is like a white color you can’t even see it but is
actually priced for $1.58 I didn’t have a coupon so it has a 60 cent rebate
making it be 98 cent for the juice I don’t know if I’ll let my husband drink
this one I might try this when I don’t know now the total of all my rebates my
eleven rebates was$7.90 but I did get some bonuses so that
was great I got a total of $13.40 back all right now the $2
Jun level-3 bonus I receive that I got a $0.50 bonus for the dove because I
completed the dove bonus from purchasing the Dove hand soap that we did with
Walgreens and then purchasing this bar soap
all right then I got the weekend warrior bonus for an additional three dollars
all right I think that was pretty good pretty good lovely people
I did use a $5 gift card within this transaction that someone gave me for
present all right so I thought that was pretty good lovely people my sub total
after coupons because I did have coupons for a few items in the store was $23.42
the $13.40 subtracted from that made
it be $10.02 for the eleven items so that’s a teeny bit over
a dollar item pretty good considering the items in which I got especially my
luncheon deterred it good deal good deal I want to share with you guys something
I got at Walmart on clearance I found these on clearance it’s glass it looks
like a big mason jar with the lid on it it’s airtight
it’s a beverage dispenser I think is super cute it’s got the little boo that
is gonna be nice I’m gonna tell you what I’m thinking about using it for I take
this cute alright I thought about putting fabric softener in it tell me
what you guys think about that in the comments below of the video I think I’m
gonna use as a fabric softener dispenser I have a front-loading machine I think
I’m gonna just fill it up well I’m not gonna fill it up I’m gonna put some in
it let’s just see how it does I don’t think it’s gonna solidify I don’t think
it’s going to you know get hard or anything because it is airtight and it’s
glass so I think it will be just fine alright I’m gonna try it I’m curious to
see what it’s going to do it’s such a good size you know it’s actually a great
size I don’t know if I want to go back and get more I don’t know cuz I feel
like it’s such a great size I think it could actually fit in your refrigerator
what you think I think it could fit in your refrigerator because it’s not too
tall you know it’s not too tall and mmm you know you could put juice in it I
think it would be great but I thought about doing the fabric softener
I don’t know hmm it’s up for debate I might just see I
don’t know I might just see if I like it as a juice dispenser but I think it will
be good as the juice dispenser – who knows all right that’s pretty much it
for the hall guys I hope you enjoy your Saturday evening and remember clip to
save and you will be amazed you guys will see me tomorrow cuz you know I got
to do some type of couponing tomorrow cuz I took a nap today it really didn’t
do much bye bye