okay hey guys so I am now in Walmart today and I come to reading some rebates and I wanted to look at the clearance as well but I'm on the oil with the mouthwash toothpaste and things like that so the first thing I wanted to show you guys is the Colgate Total SF these are the 3.4 ounce boxes now we do have a rebate on our bottle 4d which is $8 back so I'm going to go ahead and pick up two of these at 3:46 each that else hold only six dollars and ninety two cents for both of them I'm gonna use this for awful to manufacture coupon from coupons.com and then I'll be paying 292 out-of-pocket but I'll be getting back $10 which is a dollar each from a bottle making them just 90 Tuesday or 46 cents each okay that's how the next I want to show you is on the Colgate phone system right here this is a fifteen point nine ounce or 500 million either priced at 3:47 so we do on a bona fides as well which is $2 panic so I'm gonna buy this at 3:47 uses $1 occupy from coupons.com that would mean to produce a Madonna pocket but I'll redeem get $10 rebate from Ivana making ages 47 cents back there the rebate hey that's for the next thing I wanna show you is the coconut oil coupons and coupon coupon from coupons.com I'm not sure when I printed these but I'm going to use this in all three of 296 other pocket but there is a dollar rebate on my bottom so that'll make it a judgement one dollar and ninety six out of pocket I know that's probably not the greatest deal for these two things but I've never tried it before so I want to try it I'm gonna get me wrong with the charcoal minute okay so the next thing I'm gonna do is only write gardens of heaven following a bottle for these making it as 97 after rebate from one okay one 97 come gotta bring me down to three dollars and thirty four six and then there is dollar rebates when I borrow for these I think it's like five times you can redeem it but I'm going to do two times since I'm picking up two so after those rebates it'll be one thirty four or ten sixty seven cents each so I'm gonna grab this Anderson so I just want to share my little bit of jet news but the Eric the airway as far as therefore dating for in the eight of our basic standing on the Walmart absent laid off 488 we do have this more dollar 50 cent I'm keep on a came in Sunday's in first and sugar which one but a date some other before 28 inserts so you'll pay 388 out-of-pocket and then you'll get back 150 and then I'll make them visit intolerant so each if you have anything like these refill I was um looking at some clearance items this is just like a little space right here I don't know where the rest of experience is but I want to add some mighty readies but I fabi's chicago cutlery a night set for 21 dollars in iscandar one more app then it's actually seven dollars it's not much over here but I'm gonna get the skin and I'm gonna show you guys what I do fine if I find anything good it's found some of these I was looking for something I knew I needed to pick up something me to write my breakdowns in because of the older my other paper thing just completely gone I've used all of my pages so I'm just gonna go ahead and pick out one of these it doesn't matter to me what it looks like they're marked as a dollar but I run them up on all my apps you guys pick up more than one because I build on the breakdown so I did find different eras that sit on the wall my app and it is every three dollars and we do have this $3.00 off any Revlon eyeliner mascara shadow or shadow primer so they're all my happy you can pick this up for $8.00 I'm not gonna pick it up because I don't need it I did find this drying rack is $7.00 where they run it for a five on the app using your Walmart right actually doesn't come up for this but I just wanted to see if it was less than that price right there but can't find it pillows $13 already check the price of girls they are every teen there as you can see I'm not wowed let anything I think I will pick up anything those notebooks undercurrents pitching a planners what's the most well organized Clarence I've seen though so I think I'm ready to check out now got my locate photo and cellphone get total mouth flies go get it sentence we'll just chocolate and gelatin into my record so that's about all I have to do song for you guys and using our bottle ok guys so I am back home and I just want to go over everything with you guys again and what rebates I used now if I can remember now um I picked up the Colgate Total S step and these are the 3.4 ounce and I did try to scan some other ones I forgot how much they were but they were like the 4.3 outs I believe and I scanned it on the ibotta app and they did not qualify so I went for these and they did so that rebate says 3.4 or larger so it wouldn't go for anything larger than a 3.4 so I just picked up these and I would have the breakdowns down in the description box for you guys in a Google document of course I could always do so yeah they I got back a dollar each for these the Colgate Total this is the 500 milliliter six sixteen point nine ounce and I got back a what was that two dollar rebate for this one the Johnson and Johnson were priced at 292 I believe and I used the two dollars and 50 cent off look to manufacturer coupon from coupons calm now all the coupons I used today were from coupons.com and I redeemed a dollar back for that went an $8 back for that one the right guard I used no coupons for this but there is a dollar rebate back for that one those are priced at 197 so after the rebate it was since 97 cents and then the Colgate essentials this is the charcoal now they do have one with the coconut oil but I wanted to try this one out I've never this one so yeah I know the toothpaste ills probably aren't that good enough for you guys but any savings is good I know we can get free toothpaste but I really wanted to try this one out so you get to choose what you want to pay your money for I'm just trying to show you some deals so yeah let me show you my receipt that was a total of seven items and as you can see my subtotal right here was $13 and 66 cent and 1540 with tax so I did redeem $8.20 in total so it left my total to be just five dollars and 46 cents I believe or just 78 cents each and so yeah I think that was a good deal now what makes this haul a plus for me is that I had like a I had like $11.97 already in my body app but now that I redeemed $8.20 and rebates today I'll be able to cash out so um the money that I used for this haul was recycled a lot of money so nothing I'm able to cash out I'll be recycling that money right back into couponing so you know just to recycle that money it's a really good thing so yeah I'll be recycling my $20 into some more coupon than y'all so um yeah I will have these breakdowns in the description box again and let me show you my my notebook no I'll show you guys that these were dollar but they did rings up for $0.50 I checked these on the about on the Walmart app and they were actually $0.50 so I'll be using these I'm judge me please don't judge me so I'll be using these for my breakdowns because I have run out of notebook paper so yeah that is my Walmart home for today using rebates on ibotta so hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please don't forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven't and make sure you hit that Bell so you won't miss any of my post and I will talk to you guys in the next one bye