Our business is all about speed. The car is
very fast, but our business processes are very fast and the demands it puts
on IT are huge. It was a really sort of amazing leap forward for us, especially
against where we were from a legacy perspective. The legacy infrastructure
that we had, it was just… it took too long. It was too inflexible. There was
too much complexity, too much management overhead. For the business
might, from week to week, request a change or something new, as a new
service or a new service might be required at the circuit, so in order to
do that, we need to be a little bit more agile, rather than providing more
speed. But there is a balance as well. With HPE’s SimpliVity, it gives us that
platform that gives us the speed, agility and scalability that we require.
We actually ran some real-life simulations and real-life benchmarks,
which was using operation race data. One of these cases was post
processing data that we offload in real time from the car, and historically,
it has taken us 550 seconds to take several laps of data. With SimpliVity
that was reduced from 550 to 139 seconds. We have accelerated applications. So at
the track, when we are analyzing data from the car, we are trying to optimize
the set up of the car and the race strategy, we literally need to do
things in seconds. And we have seen a 79% performance boost with SimpliVity
relative to our legacy architecture. We are seeing better responsiveness in
terms of operational duties and giving more and more resources to the guys
at the track in a faster, more responsive manner. So we have seen a lot
of efficiency around the data services with SimpliVity and some of our VMs
occupy logical volumes, about 42 Tb. With SimpliVity´s compression
and dedup technology that is compressed
out to 5 Tb. The guys have a lot more time now to
spend on evolution of new technology or even existing technologies and even fine
tuning their skills. We have also been able to reduce cost, so our users are
happy, our finance director is happy, our team is happy because their jobs are
easier, so I am happy.