We would like to teach you a few simple
yet effective harm reduction strategies to consider if you do decide to drink. Eating a hearty meal before drinking is an effective way to reduce your BAC, because having food in your stomach slows the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. Alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will slow down your intake of alcohol and will also keep you hydrated. Counting your drinks is an effective way of staying in control while drinking. By keeping count and setting a limit you will know when you should probably stop drinking or switch to non-alcoholic beverages. There are lots of methods to
help keep you on track. For example, some students send themselves a text for
each drink or collect the taps, or bottle caps from each drink. Avoid drinking games. Drinking games may cause people to consume too much alcohol too quickly and makes it very hard to keep track of the amount of drinks you’re
consuming. Stay with the same group all night. When going out, stay with your
friends and make sure you all watch out for each other. Sticking with the same people allows others, besides yourself, to have a sense of how many drinks you’ve had and potentially step in if you need help. You can also make sure that everyone in your group gets home safely. If you do decide to drink, keep these harm reduction strategies in mind: Eating before drinking, Mixing in a water, Counting your drinks, Avoiding drinking games, and Staying with your friends are all easy strategies to keep you safe and reduced
the risk of negative, dangerous experiences like alcohol poisoning.