Well I want to say thank you for being here my name is thuy turner the browser section chair and This is our second lunch End of the year, and we look for too many more of these type of events if you have any ideas let me know First I want to thank my vice chair Robert Otis being here and for being a great vice chair I wanted to thank all the Robert section members Who have been very supportive about the year and for those who are not members shame on you you should join? What introduce to you our speakers? I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie in Tampa as the corner conference I ran up to her and said oh my god They’re all so you have to come up with Broward so we have our own like session here So for our local planters who cannot make it to the conference this year, I brought Demi to you Steady in the dark took planning with Keith and Irish as over 25 years of experience in transportation planning She is a service project manager for the Osceola County mobility easy Mobility fee, she just knows a lot of stuff about mobility The other special guests here who came all the way from gaming Zoo is Jonathan Paul He is the printer for new urban concepts new and you eat not yet eww Jonathan it has over 17 years of land use and transportation planning experience He founded new urban concepts, and we are extremely honored to have him here Thank you everybody, and I’m going to start the presentation. Thank you three Good afternoon everyone as We said Jump of Jonathan for one on my south. We’ve been on the forefront of impact he administration’s Development and Jonathan actually developed a very personal mobility feed that was done in a larger tier, Florida That’s an illogical County, so I’ve had the pleasure of working closely a number of projects and we’re excited to be able to share some information with you all about mobility fees and It’s the connotation of land-use planning I think is going to be important for planners out here In addition to the transportation planners and engineers you can be interested in looking at and understanding what’s happening in the 21st century and then how this tool is going to benefit you so let me get better do itself I Usually don’t operate with notice, but I think in this case I need to a little bit So let me ask you a question you know when you’re sitting in traffic on i-95 How many of you go? Oh well look at all this great economic development Well for years that has actually been the gold standard Sitting in traffic seeing all the traffic. We know we are prosperous And you know engineers who keep that work? Congestion as the trades and well that’s the trade-off were actually happy the housing choice well Many communities are now looking around asking themselves oh My gosh Sarasota County actually said he right now. They in a magazine that was there. They talked about how? With we plans in traffic And we find only four cars wasn’t going to get cars exactly exactly so but Changing that formal paradigm has been challenging even for Jonathan And I are we go into communities because there’s no planning framework for anything other than straight up road concurrency And you might get that you can build your self out of congestion has been the cornerstone absolutely the cornerstone in Transportation planning and to planning to planners. What is our S word? What does our s work that we? No, thank you. Sprawl, which is what my bank can hear these real? Good answer. It’s sprawl. It really is for also, but traditionally we as planners have been put into a box So we’re going to go through developments what we usually have to do you have to make the mag capacity And so when we add capacity the majority the systems at Liseberg that way, so it happens everything with a booth development is Revolves around on the building or room capacity so what happens then this is the perfect example of build it, and they will come There’s that you get certainly into this Cycle Congestion you have more capacity is you’re gonna Proponent and then you stood up that rug round and around and it really is a vicious cycle so we will never get out of building our way out of congestion I Excited he said it absolutely best. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting an appraisal well Introduce it here 995 locally and oh my gosh what I’m going to use them, that’s Katy Freeway, and as it used to My daughter listen you said that had told me over notions Anatomy You sent in traffic like this all day long. Just like that and that’s 26 Lane in 1726 Workings of traffic and we’re still drive you still sit in town at the time you sit in traffic is amazing And this is the poster child for while you cannot build your way out of congestion Oh by the way, so keep that in mind when we’re talking about as a target okay today But transportation concurrency in Florida has been an evolving Slowly to the more enlightened 21st century approach We’ve been thrilled to be had the opportunity to help with that but beginning in nineteen and one of our Lobbyists here Louis Renault Miller, who is there? He is thank newest were coming to drag the legislation of legislature into the 21st century, but beginning in 1993 Urban areas, you know we start on our plan 85 but in 1993 Urban researchers were required to have a transportation out well, then everyone But also everyone had established in the currency management system And they require their communities to have a ten year plan For how you’re going to fix that Lagos so Anybody with any thoughts Understands what’s going to happen? So that’s it you can almost track? Sprawl from that point on that was just an amazing Process that we saw occur so I go intended consequences But there were two good things that came out of there well They exempted urban infill and urban redevelopment and Downtown Development For transportation of occurrence, and it didn’t allow that cold de minimis that you all know about now That’s really when a coupon so that’s some of the two good things that came out of that But by 1999 you could see that they were starting to think a little differently So it’s not the exempting transit from concurrency And we they enabled the legislature enabled multimodal districts Now one can see Eli here in 1999 that the ship was beginning to turn this movie But it was beginning to turn and in 2002 planners office planners started cheering it on the fact that infill and redevelopment areas Could be exempted which is really what you want you want to drive your development into these areas And you’ll see what we’re going to be talking about how this eventually led to the multimodal tool But they did make it a little harder. We do have a new plan amendment, but they were getting there so in 2005 the I am not being able to or so I don’t we need to build more growth capacity was introduced in the legislature through the establishment of a piano system no They didn’t give them a bit more guidance to TCE entities living TVs and said okay, but yes We thank you, but you have to do some mitigation after require mitigation so Kind of makes sense there and in 2007 prop generals, they started realizing prop share was a really very fair then really the the idea that I Think they came about was that the start realized that it may not even need to do a rational basis test Saying well the fee that you’re getting needs to be tied to your development impacts Because they said okay, well if you have existing backlog roads and your pod commercial fair share Can be you can’t collect? Now they still maintain that which is fair, but the mobility fee system has made any before fair or sure that we did one in 2009 that duelists If you this being thing You could totally be exempt from transportation and currency But this was also the very first time that mobility fees were introduced the whole idea of a little TVs were introduced Again, thanks to Luis he established it. It’s an alternative paying for system Now 2011 how many of you remember? 2001 a watershed year for grab the growth management act and I’m the only needed main transportation for Kersey option But these new anointing And was a replacement CEO We all thought the skies would follow and Everybody was going to the transportation occurs due to being out the window is going to cost us Harlem as well a lot of communities Have maintained transportation concurrency But the Arment started to look at alternative message because they really want to study and see what they really wanted to do So in 2013 What I used when I talk about 2013 is I tell people close your eyes the divisional rancher where they’re taking all their cattle and they Confirm only a minute to shoot going into one direction where they want them to go well That’s what really started happening in the legislature. They started. They said okay first of all But okay these is really good Will used to do and then they started making a little more challenging to do other panco systems And putting further restrictions on the other approach Well in 2014-2015 They started they introduced something that we as planners, and he’s really good thinking personally This was not well thought out. It says look and are interesting the idea had some good Intentions, but again the law of unintended consequences when you write into the regulation of law was that Business success were feet less could be exempt from any type of concurrency, but and you don’t even have to do Any kind of negation? Or anything like that However you start delving into that This would also allow many fast food establishments Anybody that has like that high generators that Sort of like I always think of those little stores, it’s convenience stores and for my generative trying to think well They would have been exempt anything you have to defeat them to make their traffic impact Not do anything so keep your idea if this ever arises you know that because when you call it the zombie legislation And one of the reasons that people were also freaked out about this is it look you just change the wranglers You just change the approach to concurrency some hold up something. We really needed their hands wrapped around What you just changed so in addition to the fact that a lot of the degree already saw? the potential crumbles under the curve Canadian early just wanted a chance to work under the existing Legislation and look at what they wanted to actually do whether they want to keep it Concurrency as a student Well in 2017 we have new way to get it yet what’s going to come out of this? We’re concerned about that zombie They could rise again and something else But I will tell you one thing that we do anticipate happening right now all of your comprehensive plans have to have mostly rural Policies in it have some focus on multi welcome planning we do anticipate that what we need But what else could come out of this we don’t know Really pay attention to what’s coming out of legislature? 17 so what are the state of affairs today? Well a lot of communities during the downtrodden suspended their impact fees They suspended on fees and now that can be done though It’s been a long is trying to revisit that but there have been some massive changes during that time Particularly on how are you new impact leaves? we actually became sitting we dumped on and I Work together to change their impacting because all we do with an impact event you know you all know You can only build roads and capacity roads And cars with an empathy well we realize these cities to make multi multi Patty so they can pay for things that are other types of transportation. They want to use whether it is bypass whether it is Standalone sidewalks in addition to our capacity use it’s a little challenging to do But it’s very very very very happy with it it’s a matter of fact the presentation that three was talking about that the conference featured a number of the communities in which we have done plans that they talked about the benefit, and why they did it Many of it will Jonathan will talk to you a bit about that It’s going to share that with you, but what communities have been doing now is looking to a little bit alternative funding sources Whether that’s a DBA or looking to notice them. You know the sales tax thing and the sales tax that Just went here And then the course mobility plans of these Now mobility plans a few so one of the reason that they Communities are really liking this is it has a lot more flexibility to do all of those things that you see right here On the first slide out there But sometimes that you see there with the exception of the Daten City logo Osceola Miami Beach’s are some of those other types of funding sources are eliminated – infrastructure improvements specifically same problem all the way down the aisle but Mobility plans a piece has a totally different approach to it It’s an amazing two for number of reasons Jonathan and I’ll talk to you a little bit more about that as we go along, but one of the big things is that we See the second checkmark It actually provides it becomes a catalyst for the kind of place making and I’ll show you that in a moment it Is a portable I talked to you before about fairness and Why they recognize that you couldn’t make people who were coming here at the end of the line Pay for back bar that was ahead of them. Well. This is very valuable. It’s very fair It’s super simple anybody in there sure proportion efficient We had one of our Clients talk about the nightmares of them of how to administer proportionate fair share that requires an engineer But the end of the day Mobility fee ends up with a sheet of paper And it says if you’re a grocery store around urban streams and grocery stores under 20,000 square feet and you’re looking is years in the air the Tod or the downtown you pay this fee So you have tiers of these? 30 easy so not only can you as a as a planner? no way your Do you need to charge someone very easily? The developer when they’re together their business like a ghost they know what it’s quite short What doesn’t think easy? They City is trying to encourage taxation So their fee, they wanted to make sure that’s was attractive to businesses to come into the community And in committed community doing the kind of moment and where they would have development to go so this is a catalyst for placement It also will help you build into these streets Dota is finally coming around because miners for many years. We’ve put together some great plans Walkable communities, but if it was a Tod my way, they said look I’ve got this new cars their job it’s a new those vehicles and your great design Maybe will give you a very Extremely complex so this collection you’re now on board with this Still challenging these daunting the parents, but at least their mindset is changing the paradigm is starting to shift This is my very favorite picture that we use in presentations here This package definitely concerned about being hit with all the cars and the traffic and so I think there are different I think better method than building a cage around yourself when you are Trying to ride your bike and that’s What? doing great planning does and If you have funding sources that will allow you to make it safe to make it attractive To make it more other people people are not Third fourth fifth behind cars That’s what a good planner likes to do Remember I talked to you that placemaking Placement game is just one of the best This is one of the best tools replace making because you are encouraging the kind of development where he wanted to be And he initiated how important and how great this tool is for you all to use in any community So now want the same approach the same rules suppose being imitated by communities And they are doing life starts, so good now going To be done anything in spare time. Let’s change the paradigm. It’s smarter Let’s think about how to do this differently for the future One thing that we as planners want to do is we like to help communities establish their vision Well, let’s not take them to the state transportation into the future let’s help communities be able to merge their vision for 21st in the 21st century Bringing in some very unique very different modes of transportation To help guide them to help allow them to Understand what their vision will be and beautiful to be a better community for all the users in their community so I really think it’s Jonathan and I promote the fact that we really believe truly in our hearts of it’s time to change the approach to Design transportation to transportation systems that are good for anyone And encourage as plan uses of actually support for building. We’re going to See first The Gators Actually in 2007 we’ve actually met with any secretary Colin Powell said our community wants to be something different, it’s a college town widen roads We have several major eyes Go talk to DCA figure something out and so what came out of that was the mobility plan mobility speed and essential actual County served as the first US based in Florida For that what a secretary Colin was willing to consider something different Debbie next slide So one of the main components of the Alachua County integrating ladies and transportation and land eastern terminus supports transitory development traditional neighborhood developments in makes peace One of the career projects that came ohonta that was doing the celebration point is that our children there’s been 75? It’s a million square feet of office and retail the mind you the first meeting with secretary Collins 2007 in 2009 and they released several reports citing lots of companies a test case The kind approved the plan in 2010 included the mobility speak in 2011 now supported during the hydro reception, so not a whole lot was going on I Left the county support gathering was working track systems in a land of design a bridge over the interstate So what came on that is celebration point this is a mixed-use development is actually building a brand new bridge over interstate 75 that brand new bridge was actually the number one component of the mobility plan for Alachua County No yeah, this is 2011 everybody thought the world was going to somewhere in a handbasket and We went up in the middle of the state of Florida. They said well, you know what calm that right now We need some money to help build this B bridge Well, we don’t give money in the private of dollars well You know we’re doing something different working with the county the county actually put in a tax increment financing District over this area to encourage the development They also supported us and that bridge in DC being built that was actually the first private project to receive the state Infrastructure bank loan and part of that was based upon all over the county had done as part of this mobility plan immobility feed One of the other big components of that Was the plan in Alachua County to build a system of dedicated transit lanes model laughing, Eugene, Oregon? This is actually the main corridor into celebration points known basically over the drive So actually those lanes are exclusive to transit. They’re both on the main road and interaction going over the bridge into the project so This is a really good example of a lot of time you do a feat Tinie going back to use any multi mobile fees mobility fees a fee in themselves just a funding source a feed coupled with a mobility plan They had great Slammys and transportation is how you really start to change your system In this says building a million square feet of office in retail There’s would be five stories of residential above retail now Brandon brown counting down That’s not a big deal in two hundred thousand population games Oh, it’s a big deal, and this is a model egg that we applied elsewhere in the state of Florida and it really shows that planning does matter and not only this project before five other projects within the County are not all under construction in every seat both federal funds State funds and working and private developments in public-private partnerships to actually build By the way that scene was adopted in 2011 and it has to be challenged Surely will lead both the w-9 working with Lewis Lewis who have known each other for Almost 15 years now, and he’s been heavily involved in electoral Connie. I was working there Developing policies and also learning them into state statute It’s a different approach. It’s not looking to sick babies. It’s not looking just at transportation Or just fun. It’s melding them all together. This is actually a propose I’ve used I’m just recently teamed up with some whatever we got selected to do the mobility plan And the ability for the City of West Palm Beach, and this was actually the approach that he is To do that I’m working also on the city of Palm Beach Gardens now in Palm Beach Where we’re taking a similar there really is looking at addressing climate change establishing all working for all modes of transportation To earlier Removing beyond just funny and runaway capacity and Broward County is actually one of the leaders in that number of years ago the county made decision to focus primarily on transit Well, you know there’s a lot of unfortunately Focusing on just roads or just transit. It doesn’t necessarily always get the desired outcome It’s really putting in place the land use of this or all months of travel and then be Creating fun. That’s The big difference is when you start focusing on moving people versus moving cars You can make much better use of your overall system roads and parking make up anywhere between 40 and 60 percent of the surface area of most cities in America So you start rethinking about all that asphalt we put up there all these six neatly and arterials We drove it off. The interstate all these huge surface parking lots You start thinking about how do I move that versus around my life or train or? walking You start to see the benefit you start to focus on how many people you can use and how PT better use that space? versus how many cars so Osceola County I mean I worked on developing mobility planning ability speed they went forth we chose it as accountant it’s much larger than just City slate took a different set of it corridors They looked at the type of corridor. They wanted once a multi-level corridor that included bicycle pedestrian Dedicated transit facilities in other words avenues and novels all guards Boulevard of four lengths motivate some of the science Complete Streets Avenues were two lanes wide sidewalks bike lanes Reporting golf parties promoting even request treaties in certain areas they’ve put out an entire system within their County Which is a pretty large County to sell a lot, Orlando? In doing that They’ve also simplified their lands, and they’ve got mixed-use development Require the mixed use development in transform development long extension the SunRail to see some of the benefit of the planning SunRail is now being extended down to us. You’ll accounting part of that Legislators in Central, Florida will be back Loosen our economy of the recent mobility magnitude for the city of Altamonte Springs Right along the rail line their system focuses principally on bicycle peruvians pedestrian improvements in getting people to the Seminole station and one of the most innovative things with Altamonte Springs About a year ago they Simon Cooper One of the main Catalyst for that and what they basically said it was we have a problem getting people to Train How do we address that last mile? solution Man last mile solution, we’ll second work new purchases in our city If you take a shirt that goes within our city goes somewhere else We’re going to pay for 20% of it if you take that over trip that they goes from the Hospital or mall to something else we’re gonna pay 25% of it, and now that’s expanded to several communities in Central, Florida And you know what your mobility the mobility plan Can include that subsidy and? So you as the local government or county could subsidize a ride share service? Either targeting folks are leaving loudly to everybody and include that as part of the mobility feed Another one in the communities is a city of eight which is just south of Altamont And they’ve actually moved a little bit, but they also have a similar program going to work, but they’ve also incorporated the ability to fund Complete Streets to find bicycle pedestrian facilities In addition roadways or even remash in those roadways to go in when you’re researching a road These mobility these bike lanes and by your legs Because when you start focusing on all modes of travel and establishing capacities for all those travel it gives you a basis To start doing that as party mobility plans Deb and I work with a number of communities and helping them develop industries One of the big problems with rotating vaccines or transology system or our other Sales tax is that you can only use it to fund rolling capacity With a mobility fee you can actually use it to create capacities for sidewalks create capacity stroke for bike lanes By doing that you can start to look at okay. Well a simple to main road waving 15 to 20,000 cars But that to lady rotor blade with a cycle track could now move four or five thousand bytes plus And then with wide sidewalks can move five six seven thousand pedestrians now granted in the suburban context You probably not going to get that very moisture, but you start talking about retrofitting those Downtown son Riley plantation or Fort Lauderdale you can start to get a lot of people shifting Out of cars and West Palm Beach is actually a great example of it. They’ve been improving development for seven or eight years now densifying their downtown and actually their traffic counselor Going down Came out with this transitioning between The Mac and PCs, but what are those kind shell is? Separating email earns Road and Palm Beach Gardens, it’s a project. I’m working on our mouth of mobility. It’s a five lane roadway senator lane so one of the things we’re looking at is just Reimagining that existing space and repurposing it by putting in two travel lanes With a median and also turn lanes But also involves a pretty big thing More communities date City was one of them. I’m working in the air right now Who are accounting that are looking at moving people by golf carts? And you can actually move a number of people buy a golf cart, and they where are they travel about 15 miles an hour and you can actually carry a number of trips has anybody gone to the villages and Sumter Lake County They have 80% Internal capture in their community and 40% of the trips for me by ballpark Peachtree City, Georgia, there’s a golf cart for every single resident in the city in 45% of the trip, I made my golf cart with inner-city We’ve got a lot of asphalt in most of our cities What did you start thinking about other modes of travel and looking at the bicycle? Part now showing you how some of these other those travels we did necessarily be pretty student. Why that’s starting to change They may have been, New York we child on your car determiner and Traditional downtown droopiness where’s The concept is and this is really how you start to address that issue of connectivity between the roads Connie three between shopping they don’t want cars They don’t give over to the school everybody cut through But this idea of a one a shared space a living tree We’re almost to travel or equally economy and basically it’s a space A35 go right away Nobody has credible It’s a laugh level flat space you parking and you driving walk right like it’s how those streets used to be in this country before the automobile came and I Can’t go back to this is all part of thing maybe it isn’t questions of Broader County of the certainty number places in Palm Beach County where golf is a major movement travel? Brevard County Folks I work with we just recently got a golf cart where this is passed Just last week an electric awning from the celebration point property and some of their other mixed-use developments They’ve also lost all parts and streets But a lot of these are starting to look back now There’s always an issue with bicyclists and pedestrians on the sidewalk But most people that are comfortable rocking on the roadway can go anywhere from 10 to 15 miles an hour Lots of speed with golf cart. It’s a lot of who needs were actually starting to look at both they’re separate next to each other bike and Welcome earthlings or actually share facilities Because they’re both moving at roughly the same speed of travel And now you could build a golf bar any bike lane You double the capacity that facility could be now two months of travel that you’re accommodating And you can fund it with a mobility feed you’ve done Each one so Dogzilla county date city wasn’t working out clubbing start until we were in Miami Beach They all have the ability choose the mobility fees to do this Fortune this kind of cut off some of theirs I don’t know if you’ve heard of hoverboards things that were catching by on planes They’re actually making them safer and safer now and it all started with the Segway and the gyroscope we have some segways Pretty carry into your office. We don’t now they’re come we have a lot of mini subway 750 dollars in weighs 8 pounds and It takes you up to 10 miles an hour How the board you know they you know the FAA or applying to University of Florida you still see their number of students using them This was actually a picture I write out 10 times over in San Diego. That was on the inside You know maybe a little Aussie than myself I try to actually get up one of those who didn’t balance too well But the Millennials the next generation coming out this isn’t becoming uncommon to them And it’s going to start becoming a bigger made of travel in a difference So before when you can plant worker that’s training the walk especially in Florida as a quarter mile and a half What happens was they now have an assistant on voting device that can reasonably take them up to two or three miles away? If you provide the same facilities to do that that becomes a much more viable water Over and Denmark that actually pretty students bikes down there basically treadmill bicycles one of the three things that people riding a bicycle is It’s a little slow are ending overall time where you don’t sit down They’re starting to introduce you some concepts of treadmill bicycle supplement with or without a mother Fortune this one didn’t show up. I’ve actually bought. This is one of the tools That’s called the Copenhagen wheel and it’s actually an electric motor, but on the back tire replaceable And it will take you up to 15 miles an hour You can use it For Ford Ferrari Over in Europe a lot of the automakers are now actually getting involved in electric bikes So when you start thinking about high school I can take you 15 miles an hour and you start taking about trips of two and three miles in length a Bicycle all golf carts some of these others of those a travel start to become a much bigger part of your overall transportation system Sharon This is one of the biggest Phenomenon that’s occurring and this is the curt just within the last year now all the mobility Please the fees were starting to work on now or incorporating it but when I go to Tampa right a lot of cities has just recently out in Denver for a conference on mobility and impact I Took the rail line and from work We walked we Use bike share we explored all over the communities in the Denver area by using bike share car here Have a little cardio out so you could use a car you drive it for 15 minutes Because they’ve got a walk and go the next market cost me five bucks. You one-on-one make their trips. I usually work The sharing economy the ability to share Outside of autonomous vehicles going to have the largest impact on how people get around If where this becomes efficient when you start producing the ladies man Where you courage office retail residential relatively close proximity? And you can start to make a car share liable you can start to make your bike survival Yes, they’re still putting vehicles out on the road, but they’re big differences do you know how long the average vehicle is parked throughout the course of a day 96% of the entire day a vehicle is parked so it’s only used four percent all the time You start thinking about if you can repurpose that land. They have that vehicle on Then you’re starting to talk about a major shift I’ve got a second place in Tampa, it’s 725 square feet where it hits to downtown have two dedicated parking spaces Each parking space stays up to 350 square feet so as much room that I used to live in Is the same room that’s used for my cause depart? Imagine if you can decouple that and you can free that out, that’s actually what a lot of cities are start Do you know is saying? Developer they will work with you providing the apartment. I have a 50% marketing book arrived in the area to jump off for Hoover Give somebody a thousand dollar electrical life You know starting to take away parking from their lands Allows you to do greater infill greater density and make much better use of the shared economy Yeah, I thought it’s a little bit of a joke at first So at the end of the street Hartline important long river to get up to Portland State University into the hospital They’ve actually employed a gondola The pass Bolivia they have a huge traffic congestion problem growing we think we grow quickly in Florida you know a lot of cities in the South America are destroyed phenomenal there She started and put in his novel is London’s donut and now Austin Texas is considering so you start to think about the How difficult it is to go on my like light or quiet land or them I go through remember the domain calm What if you start looking at this type of service, that’s a little fanciful But these cars move 6,000 people an hour That’s way more than a bus way more than their train and way more than an automobile And they’re a lot less expensive than any of those other modes all this money that the DoD spending on widening 95 the flooding he tied other issues like that and we start to think about different modes and travel and Start getting out of the automobile mine’s better. Not only are they cheaper they’re far more efficient. They can carry four people City of Tampa and announced how many finally entered into an agreement to establish water taxi service going to Tampa Bay one of the most congested corridors in all Hillsborough County’s i-275 Now instead of driving 45 minutes to an hour stuck in traffic. You can now think the water time seems. We’re going to all ocean It’s capacity it moves people it takes them off the car Some places are actually have this a little more recreational, but you’ve got a lot of analysis out for What if you started using those canals and waterways to move around? Maybe you build an elevated our elevated bike pedestrian path where maybe starting purging other types of modes of travel But these are all things that were building plans of mobility connection The biggest change to our transportation system is going to be from vehicles The number one cost all across the entire country of transit is a cost associated with operations drivers These little vehicles here to call the ollie they moved ten and twelve passengers are all summoned by your smartphone costs $200,000 of these And articulating must’ve cost a million bucks you buy five of these for the cost of one Articulating low speed on the driver you buy two of these for the cost of a regular bus Those dedicated trains are lanes as I showed you before and logical Connie We’re looking now at running these autonomous vehicles. Go that opportunity University of Florida and Celebration point and they’ll be working on these dedicated transit lanes When you start to think about? The potential of this motor travel, and they’re not that big huge vehicles So these to get to a neighbor these to get into a shopping center One of the biggest issues that y’all gotten our county is how do you fund your engine and part of that is the cost? These are coming on fairly quickly and actually your neighbor to the south is going to start testing them the end of this year in Marion County Transit winning the downtown Tampa they just want a grant from FDOT They’re going to start running these in downtown Tampa. This is in 2030 2040 finds in some future here. This is now if you go with the various thickness this capital It’s a capital expense you can fit 12 people 9 take 12 cars off the road These are things that you can start to use to fine mobility These cars little cars you get back to the land Scenario with the parking you what they’re talking about house will drop you off at your home say my name Debbie And I are working in one of the big problems tourists coming across the bridge congestion What if you had a couple of these autonomous vehicles painting you over there dropping you off? These types of concepts are really starting to take hold Mercedes-benz in Europe nervous Farhad we were out now. They’re going beyond those little vehicles, and they’re actually doing the autonomous buses That’s Heathrow Airport you go to London Heathrow Airport today and ride on Thomas transit vehicle Shuttling back and forth near work, so these technologies impact landings if you can start to then take out I don’t know one thing the shopping center is over. Here as a call to the nurse and mother I’m all I hear is traditional asphalt What if all suddenly and start putting in residential or office because I’m gonna be for everybody it’s not going to happen tomorrow, but in my painting career I Developed a mobility plan of the mobility The six years later actually saw the outcome so this is something that we’re talking about the next ten years that’s very doable a Little bit on my website they’ve also he’s in charge we have the number of the technical memorandum, so we’ve actually produced that go into twenty nine They go into all the detail that’s how you actually plan One of the things we’re big believers on maybe share all our clients meet the rational access test The basically mean you’ve got to have demand for travel They’re not building roads anymore, so how do you charge it rotor blade based impacts fee? When you’re no longer providing capacity? Unless bombs now you need to this is happening all across for right now. It’s the most your cities How many new roads new who are so today for all? Or it was it how many new road to you building in downtown for although? At a certain point in one more city to let that Miami Beach They’re not building the same over there the feet will be entirely no time no place Also, developers better see some better thing they don’t be able to get something So they just kind of go into the technical basis the first you’ve got to show is they’re the main Florida’s borrowing again you know you know almost all parts of Florida may be the exception of Gaston County and So places a Northland run grown that much, but that’s what worried for this growing still there’s a demand Each one of the those technical about future in honey you want to a lot of that There’s a lot of detail behind it and part of that a lot of those get into actually Multi modal trips and the see one of those very compact building capacities for vehicles bike lanes pedestrian facilities in transit It’s not a blue whale a speedy wants to come for all this travel Again, this is a Sarasota common methodology. These are all factors. You look at Religiously an area students have multi well Well that will Transform development mix geez those type of factors are things that you actually consider the mobility plan and mobility Its evolving away from uses simplify favor So it’s just an example in Maitland Assigning a capacity to almost travel, then allows you say you have an eight-lane arterial out there And it’s about 12 foot travellingjon for the bike lane. Well if you start to repurpose those lightnings need air on down to 11 feet Most places are starting to build But now you’ve all said bring up three or four more feet They have intact to your bike lane, which you can then make a shared by playing golf bar lane personal transit vehicle Now the fact that were looking at A lot of those areas that you want to create an extra environment This is looking beyond its level service And it’s actually getting into it’s great to provide a 10 foot wide sidewalk But if there’s no shade, and there’s no protection new cars and nobody uses It are you getting any benefit So that’s when you actually start to bring in the quality of service if you’ve been to any of the major metro areas I’ve got some photos and in Boston LA in other places You know you’ve got ten thousand twelve thousand people a day using sidewalks That blows away an automobile if you’ve got the landing system all Part of establishing a nexus to fund all modes of travel beyond just your NASA if you use the thoughts problems of these try one all of our fiends include that So the one part of the equation is how do you assign a cost per unit of multimodal capacity? The other is how do you actually assign that to a development? And each one of the fees we worked on promotes either activity center or transit oriented development and in likely a mixed-use development or traditional neighborhood development By recognizing upfront, they have increased transit ridership. They also have reduced overall trip lengths And internal captures, so you actually build that into your theme Calculation and this is how you get to the tool of supporting a land these you want So if you don’t want gas stations you don’t want fast-food You assign the true impact of those levels of travel if you want to do city’s development You recognize the benefit of it in the field Mixed-use has shown in stock You ready there isn’t planning anymore so many studies out there. The show the benefit of mixed-use projects I’m working on one out I’m Audi era we’re doing a community caption analysis I TV over projected by 70% The tricks coming out of that project because it’s got a hospital. It’s got three facilities. It’s got schools Retail office uses so when you actually start to think about Temptation or sunrise, and you don’t look into the dildo at all that we look at the city as a whole People live there our company those people actually with an implantation Basis Probably 70% of those trips Implementation actually stay in plantation, so it’s really a nice part of think about those modes of travel You start to potentially make a pretty big difference in the transportation system Sarasota, they wasn’t about urban infill To factors in curbing built-up areas trips are tend to be about 60 to 70 percent on the trips or urban areas Then you have a much higher interaction pieces so in the urban infill along the coast Muniz 41 They actually have a 50% groupie speed in those areas to encourage them to come back towards What is already infrastructure as opposed to going further health to interstate 75? So this is just a simple schedule Each one of these communities. There is no detailed traffic analysis. There is no prop share. There is no concurrency Your home when you’re this baby or this location Hey it’s a simplified streamlined, and it gives local governments a funding source define almost And it’s another one More and more our communities are trying to come along the pop businesses So trying to recognize a moment pop retail ease Doesn’t generate the same amount of trips as a Starbucks It doesn’t generate the same amount came back to the Walmart so they’re starting to adjust schedule accordingly Deputies who are all your local government centers in this now? It’s becoming as we’re getting out of the recession as people are realizing. You can’t just continue to build your way out of the congestion garage in campus fun roadways So these are just some of the ones right now. We’re actually working on The selecting the presentation and debating myself Lewis has been heavily with all the legislation around answer any questions you may have Basically it is There’s three main entry points into and out of the project so we laid health spammers each one of the entrances and exits To the three days of those counts they’ve rejected a certain amount of trips Then we went in to all the development that was built as a day of those trips Used to ITT to project out how many trips were there in the difference was there’s 70 percent? Fewer trips affected in that project and entering Well I mean that’s actually different profit right now, that’s actually going to the development regional impact review, so that’s actually something We’ve done, but I’ve done other studies out there that are showing these mixed-use projects have less of an impact And so instead of going back and debating and reducing your feet you actually build that upfront in your mobility Mm you Know the business by accident this has been a pattern since 2005 step-by-step the legislature has been adjusting how we treat growth and If you will view the 2005 waste management in 2007 we did another change in 2008 I read language for community council 2009 I did the proxy language slowly we were changing The incentive that always existed to go out into the countryside and build big projects because it’s cheap and I can Pay a fee, and I’ll be out there and now somehow. We got from is traffic to answer your question specifically and 2011 I changed the proxy law to say look here’s how you figure? Backlog, here’s how you figure prop share if the roads are capacity you don’t trigger an additional deficiency all you know is sure You always? imagine that you don’t know about you if it’s over capacity and You trigger an additional deficiency as in it’s a two-lane Should be a four-lane, but money, so it couldn’t fix it and now you come along and you turn or six You the new development assume the fix is in place And you won’t be paid for the additional deficiency reasons what that was Who’s playing isn’t whose comp plan is it’s the local governments So now bring that one more forward there were some local governments Who said I don’t like that? I’m gonna get around that I’m just going to simply save your polish and currency and Here’s what we’re going to do We’re going to charge you whatever I say whenever I say it at the moment you come in with your project What would you call it I call it concurrency one of them we abolish concurrency. We’re doing another So when you look at a 2013 law? here’s what it says each local government may adopt an alternative transportation mitigation system if you do And you choose to continue to concurrency Follow rules concurrency if you choose to adopt a mobility plan with ability fee Then you must end the fee as per the plan that was the basis of the fee Or if you choose to do what I called in front of the legislature? Somehow made it into the law exactly is that other if you choose to do it Let me tell you one other is its any other system You can come up with because I couldn’t think of enough names to cover everything so which is probably better If you choose to do other we left have a pain go and you can’t charge for back boy now stop right there And I’ll answer your question which is this? LastPass well I Didn’t see an exemption for anybody It says these are the three transportation ignition systems. There are if you choose to adopt one and you go through this process And you fulfill all the mitigation required for that project What would I be charging them with What’s the rationale Nexus the law doesn’t say? There’s a city fee in the county? You must mitigate your tricks. You’ve mitigated in whatever mode that is part of your plan You just passed rational Nexus I Don’t know what else you charging for So you’re complicating this you come to this point in the process where you say show me your plan Show me the thief show me your spending of the fee as per the plan Only been in two trips, you mostly live in ancient trips. Whatever is an additional That was not been hidden within your plan. I’m assuming the other government that is affected could charge for that At the end, there’s no fixed fee to this process remember the law each Transportation efficiency Example dates Pasco County adopted a mobility if he and plan Osceola County developed a mobility fee employment Kissimmee and say Club opted not to To move forward so in answer to your same thing Daisy Daisy opted out of Pasco counties they establish their own fee system Cassini and st Cloud are also going to do their own thing so in answer to your question is that if the county does whatever you? Have as a community you have the option to opt out as long as you’re doing. What Musa you have sort of mitigate plan for mitigation of How you as a local government are going to deal with the? Requirement have obtained a go system There she had accounting classes in the economy was already upon us Well they actually left him not to be part of the funeral that they’re not part of the the system So they actually opted out, I know bruh Howard County is different We’re also doing what they do, Palm Beach County, and when you have a County Charter You really get down to what the legislature said? This is any type of feeding and the courts will also say this has to be the dual rational Nexus So to the extent a town needs providing transit service in your city They can charge for that fee, if you like to say You know I wanted to trans or just invite ped. We’re gonna do our own bike ped system We don’t know the people around this way. This is how that many getting their impact They know when we’re having a rational nexus to charge your city a fee So it is something these Charter common issues is becoming a bigger Deal of this both for our house it on each county has it in the sky working the ceremony Alicia town. They have a president mentioned Each local government has the option to pursue this system If you go through the planning process Or you shouldn’t have to have make nice with big brother-ish for the day a lot that funding sources things that they control But in reality it gets down to the rational nexus, and if you want to fund something different than what’s being proposed Then we’re believing that there were I have everybody else to say we need to do something different in our community And so now maybe is a chance time to say in startups The ball and I have a great lot of multifamily Around them also have attempted to do something in their regional center But now you have a lot of new single-family occurring out of West as you go west of the turnpike and You’re on TGA Boulevard and then you have in other parts of the city not stable family multifamily development of this appearing as sort of a Sprawl arrangement, it’s not there’s no orientation. You look around for the nearest shopping center. It’s not there yet so how are you going to deal with that because obviously not everybody who lives in the gardens who works in the gardens a Lot of people may work in West Palm Beach Palm Beach County and How do you get those people who don’t live around long and don’t live right on TGA? There you’re actually get into it’s doing this assessment areas so the suburban areas while there are honest us Mary much higher fee because ARB depending on the roadway capacity To get them into Palm Beach economy to get them elsewhere Within the mall within the court area there They’re gonna pay a lower fee because it’s already a lot different types of boats travel around there the coordination between the other jurisdictions is really the coordination between the county Less Palmer and Palm Beach Gardens, they actually happen to be an attractive So that their jobs of bringing people out of it and there may be issues the economy Versus the city because you’ve got economy improving a lot of development for the past the city all right So the common seeds actually need to be Proportionately higher because they have much better so the way to deal with that our assessment areas the other way I look at it is if you actually look at how much when you start will be in just a Congress, or just a 95 if you start to look at the fact that they have Six corridors that are all four and six and eight lanes going north south how much capacity dividing When has there been the pattern that you for the words of you’ve heard it’s land-use planning It isn’t transportation engineering it isn’t roadway design needed its land use planning And now we as planners the suspended are dreaming of Creating these type of communities and unemployment over Time to all the urban designers and talking to planners Is the land-use planning that makes these things successful and when you tie it? To this mobility fee, and you create those areas that Jonathan mentioned you’re talking about really a catalyst for place making and I use that term and it helped use it lightly it becomes a true capitalist Osceola County that’s collateral County on state city any these communities have already done this This is the gold standard before planners to actually able to achieve the kind of development in the proper locations So keep that – it’s a funny that are resigned to You’re got a question you just asked about the system in the county I Wherever we go through the son of the city is always telling the same thing Look you’re trying to incentivize bird from your downtown last time I checked city is in the county, so don’t be greedy and don’t be stupid There may be county projects which are beneficial which should be on your city list because they create capacity In County what a bus system creates capacity I can use that capacity Absent that I haven’t deficit now What do I do when I have this new development come in the first thing you have to tell them you we’ve got a serious Problem here, you’re missing a lot of trips and I Don’t have any money as the city absolute your development, so where do you get that? Connection between the two and the median example we have a hundred units to the acre Altamonte Springs right beside the Sun rail station one district And you know we’re not charging for Transportation impacts nothing one. I have some red that’s five thousand trips right there, actually it’s ten thousand because the capacity that’s 10,000 trips I Like you, I’m gonna let you do some by 10,000 trips Ever those feel known is something I Don’t have a highway my stream. I the city either, but I allow people to use it Make them the next door represent them all so they have the same same central station in their downtown Do you know want to be troops they have? 10,000 to pass out to developers because that’s the capacity of the railroad Or could be the capacity of the bus system Which runs through their town where their town is so this is a cooperative endeavor Don’t mistake that there’s no city in The possible there’s no City. I’m going to the bus business And in fact my my ensuring I should be the best business and more I think there are better ways to move people when we propose the uber trackless process It was just one city come tomorrow, and we were doing it because we couldn’t get our local transit provider To get into the 20th century much less into the 21st They still one of my big buses all over the county empty and charging 11 leg takes 3 hours to go over 20 minutes Uber became a useful tool, we used We had four cities come and join us in that process before we even started That’s being innovative amongst ourselves each city will have a different way of doing this Something’s relatively new trend actually projected mobility plans are only now 15 years Section targeted an amount do they want to subsidize annually times for tenure Now you go back and every two or three years you revisit these fees maybe over five years and see if your projections recognize if they were just Starting to do You know look at the big thing is it’s also introducing people to Reno Wow Today an amuse before that’s three for five dollars a trip So I was actually starting to have the intended benefit of shifting impact mention those before actually get used to it But to attach you to question you really would project how much you intend to subsidize Protected over L on the number of years and if it’s wrong New year to need to go back in university or feel Having a current freight and keeping places have lots of restaurants and things that need good, so how does that fit into the picture? I’m afraid itself partly. We’re all transportation system. I will say department transportation keeps walking roads we keep widening their inner states all over the State of Florida ninety five seventy-five my time where they do teeth whitening energy system So I would say that’s higher dominating free now in terms of your ladies design Actually County and downtown, Sarasota The big chart some delivery just Park in the middle world they did orders they come in the morning. That’s how? That’s an excellent point because Miami Beach that’s right the issue when they Reprioritize don’t lose their travelers they but that as Number three with cars lots of actually are prioritizing looking at reduce signs of the vehicles Many times what we’ll see in a land-use pattern is You’ll have developments have to be able to accommodate the trucks on their site, and that works in Some places Others that’s under challenge I’m alone downtown’s so that’s what you start looking at these All are viewable so those are actually thing to look at it really closely so you have made an excellent point But many communities aren’t registering to prioritize that To because those are private So your mobility people wouldn’t necessarily be utilized to assist that but Your land-use patterns to change enough that you would continue to require them on site or you would look at what Miami Beach is probably going to do and look at Creating an ordinance that says that they have to have reduced size vehicles coming into the state Thank you so much the reefs going to come up and closure on it on behalf of Jonathan and myself and Louis we thank you for coming, and we hope you found it interesting and if you did Share your knowledge with others back in your office to say what we need to come to the 21st century There’s a lot of really great tools out there Mobility plans and peace are an excellent one. So thank you again Louis for being here This is a this is a great turnout as you guys can see that’s a good networking in Any great an idiot use and a half hour our next Lunch and Learn? Please feel free to email me at Robert Let us know we’re trying to get as much done as we can for the browser section so we have a nice budget Click your membership dues and budget, but please let us know you want to do transportation Any other type of planning we want to bring in Thank You somebody in here