– So, Amelia and I went out. I just posted that video yesterday. That’s at least my master plan here. We went out, and had a girls’ evening out. We went to Sharp Shopper
Discount Grocery Outlet. We went to the Goodwill Thrift Store. That’s always fun. We went to Chick-fil-A, her choice for our girl dinner. She had to play at the playground, and have her chicken, all that. And then, we also went to Aldi. I had planned to go to the Dollar Tree, but it was just, it was closed by the time all of that was done. We still had a lot of fun. So, you can watch that shop
with me video that came out. But today, I’m going to
show you all the stuff we got, and look, yes I’m
committed to this new winter hat because once I put a hat on my head, I’m not taking it off for hat hair. I’m just not doing it. So, let’s just jump into this
Aldi grocery shopping haul. I got four gallons of milk. They didn’t have the skim
milk that I usually buy. This is 2%, and it was
two twelve a gallon. I got five gallons. I have two more in the refrigerator. So some days, we go
through a gallon a day. Some days more, some days less. It depends on if I’m doing
any baking et cetera. Eggs were ninety eight cents a dozen. This was a new Aldi
location for me to go to. I have three within a forty
five minute to one hour radius. So, it just depends on
whatever town I’m in that Aldi wins. This Aldi location did
not have a limit on eggs. So, I got twelve dozen
because as you will see, I have a lot of baking and
recipes and cooking, et cetera that’s going to require eggs, and plus I normally get two
of those five dozen boxes. Like if I’m at Walmart, or the big thing of eggs
at Costco, so anyway. Twelve dozen eggs for this evening. Got two things of Cottage Cheese. I have not gotten Cottage Cheese lately, and I thought, oh, Cottage Cheese, come and live in my house. Two things of this whipped topping. I got what I needed to make banana and vanilla wafer pudding So good. You need Cool Whip for that. I got two packs of peppers. These are two seventy
nine for three packs. So, I got two of those. I got a nice big head of cabbage ’cause I’m always doing
stuff with cabbages, and pomegranates. Yeah, I hadn’t seen these recently, so these were seventy nine cents each. I got five of them, and
that will be a fun treat. I got two bags of these Pink Lady Apples. Yum, yum, yum, yum. And then, grapes. These grapes were eighty
nine cents a pound And I got three bags of those. These grapes were anywhere from
two point three nine per bag to three point eleven pounds per bag. And then, this was two point four three. That was a $1.59 a pound. And then, I got two cantaloupes. Cantaloupes were only 99 cents each. And, I’ll use that
cantaloupe cutter for those. Then, I think I got 12 or 13 there. I got a whole big stack of
these Graham Cracker Crust. These were 85 cents each. Amelia picked out two boxes
of these ice cream sandwiches as a weekend treat. And then, I got several boxes
of the Banana Creme pudding, and I got two boxes of
the pure Vanilla extract. I got two boxes of these Ultimate Bars, cookie and brownie mix. These were a $1.79 per box. And then, these cookies go with
the banana pudding dessert, and then I got eight loaves of bread. The bread was 99 cents a loaf. With the bread, I like to
have some in the freezer ready to go for when we need it. What I’m going to be doing baking wise, I already mentioned the pudding dessert, and then with the pie crust, I’m going to do a video this weekend, where I just share how I bake a pumpkin, and then make homemade pumpkin
pie, but I am cheating. That’s my cheat with the piecrust. Travis, and Jadin, and Zion, and Naomi are going away this weekend
to help a family member. So, I’m going to be home
with the five youngest kids, ages nine and under, and so I thought that
I’d be a fun activity to bake a pumpkin, make
homemade pumpkin pie, but mom is getting some
help with the crust, if you know what I mean. And then, you know how it is, getting around holiday time, all kinds of events, and potlucks, and meetings, and dinners
and get togethers. So, we have a potluck
for one of the ministries at our church coming up later this week. So, I was going to make these
two boxes of the cookie bars to take, and it’s an
Italian theme potluck. So, I’m also taking one of my pans of those freezer stuffed shells. Hey, I don’t have to do nothing
besides whip up these bars, and then there’s something else. One of our home school groups
were having a friends giving thanksgiving party this week. So, the kids and I will
be taking some of these homemade pumpkin pies that we make. I don’t think we’re going to
make 13 homemade pumpkin pies, we shall see. We shall see how far this
goes with the pumpkin, but we’re going to take a
bunch to that party too. So, my total at Aldi tonight was $102.38. And so, if you’re new here, my freezers are jam-packed
with freezer meals. These are just filling items like some fresh fruits and
veggies, and milk, and eggs, and then extra odds and
ends for the upcoming parties and events we have going on. And now, and now, for the
Discount Grocery Super, even more discounted than Aldi, portion of my grocery hall, and I will let you know the total. Start thinking now. How much, what do you
think this is right here? What could it be? I’ll show you what’s in these boxes. Look at that, these are, I guess I’m
just jumping right in. These are no sugar added
yellow cling peach chunks, and the date is good until, they’re dated for December 22nd, 2018, and yeah, we will have
those gone in, like, two weeks at the most. And so, a box of this fruit was $3.75. So, that makes these, like, 31 cents each. Got two cases of those. And then, this yogurt. So yeah, that’s a lot of yogurt. We absolutely love, the kids love the
strawberry cheesecake-flavor whenever they have it. I get it. And then, this is a new flavor. It’s a Greek peach mango, but then we also got the
Greek apple cinnamon. So, I got 84 yogurts. And yes, Jamerrill, how do
your kids eat those yogurts? Well, if you divide it out by eight kids, ten yogurts per kiddo, and for one kid to have ten yogurts over the course of a week, where we can have, it
makes sense in my head. It’s about one yogurt a day or so. So, there we go. All those big yogurts, and then this is Daniel’s special request. Whenever I said Daniel,
what do you want mommy to look for for you? He said, you know those
yogurts, the yogurts, the drinks, and is trying to explain it. And I said, oh you mean like
the little Danimals smoothies. Sharp Shopper does not always have these, but they had ’em tonight. Of course, their Halloween theme ’cause that’s the stuff
that’s marked down right now. Dropped yogurt on the floor. They were 79 cents for a six pack. Yogurts are abandoning me, and I got ten of those, so $7.10. The kids are going to be so thrilled whenever they see these
tomorrow, they’re in bed now. Okay, and then, I got these Greek yogurts of strawberry flavor, a four pack. They were 99 cents. And then over here, they only had three boxes of these left. So, I got the three that they had, and it even says on there,
freeze, thaws by lunch. So, this is the swinging
strawberry banana flavor. 79 cents for these pouches. I will not need to freeze them though because, believe me, with
all we have going on, we’re going to grab those
as we run out the door to a event, or an activity,
or the kids will have at home. Then, next up, these juices. Now, I don’t buy a lot of
juice or beverages in general. I mean, we buy milk, we have
water, we have ice cubes. I don’t even make tea
anymore, I just don’t. Okay, okay. So, this is just another
one of those special, hey, it’s a treat. It’s a treat for the weekend
and the upcoming week. And, this is dated November 26th, and today when I’m filming this, is November 9th. So, two for a dollar. And, we’ve got peach punch and lemonade, and mango punch, and I think, yeah, mango punch, peach punch lemonade. Those are the flavors that we got. Then, I got this big
thing of lowfat yogurt that’s dated for November 23rd, and this is for our smoothies. It was $1.99. And then, I had not got one
of these big cheese logs in a while, but Travis
likes to make cheese sticks for us out of this. So, this was $2.99 a pound. I spent $20, and it was for 6.10 pounds. A lot of you probably ask in the comments, these discounts yogurts are
all dated for November 20th, November 23rd, today being November 9th. Again, these will be gone
within 10 days for sure. So, this Discount Grocery
haul, all of this, $65 That’s it, so it was
certainly worth my time to run into Sharp Shopper for a quick $65, and then the $102 here. So, I am thrilled with those totals, but you don’t have to stop watching. Don’t stop watching. Click right here to watch this playlist of more of my Discount Grocery hauls, or watch the next video that just starts automatically playing after this one.