Hi everybody this is Lance Campeau from
www.LanceCampeau.com and today we’re going to be looking at the FRX series of
cymbals by Sabian now before we get started I just wanted to clarify
something I am not paid by Sabian to make these videos they do not sponsor me
and I don’t endorse Sabian as a company I merely asked them if I could borrow
these cymbals for the purpose of this demonstration so that I could test them
out and then share those results with you guys here online when it comes to
innovation in cymbal making Sabian has a long track record they’ve introduced all
kinds of products over the years that have stood the test of time and the FRX
series is a classic example of Sabian taking a drummers needs and addressing
it directly through design I’m sure Sabian did a lot of research and
development on this product and they came up with something pretty
interesting when you hit a cymbal the sound propagates across the metal quite
freely now if you put a series of holes around the cymbal that sound changes
quite dramatically and we can all see that with the Ozone™ series of cymbals
from a few years ago you would put the big holes in the cymbal and all of a
sudden it sounded trashy kind of like a China cymbal well what happens when you
make small holes on cymbals the sound now has to propagate across the metal
and then go through this small channel of holes and then back and forth back
and forth and that acts kind of like a filter if you strategically place the
holes on the cymbal and then you make them the right size you can get it to a
point where the sound that’s canceled out is the sort of the harsh,
disagreeable sounds that cymbals sometimes make and I think that was the
whole concept behind the FRX series was to reduce those critical frequencies that
musicians and listeners in the audience find too aggressive or too loud. Now
I’m going to do an audio demo for you guys I’m gonna keep it really simple
because a lot of you guys have requested this I’ve got a pair of overheads and a
kick drum mic and that’s all I’m gonna use to record the drum set I’m in a nice
padded room here there’s gonna be no compression, no EQ, no reverb… none of that
you’re gonna get a nice clean sound of these cymbals and you’ll see exactly
what it is that the FRX series is really all about now I’ve been playing these cymbals for
about a week and a half and I’m telling you right now guys those crash cymbals
are a sound man’s dream they sound beautiful
they sound “buttery” as Sabian has described it and I can tell you now
firsthand they really do sound buttery it’s an unusual description for cymbals
but it is quite appropriate the ride cymbals are a little bit, in my opinion,
a little bit heavy I think they could have gone with a bit of a lighter sort
of material a little thinner but they do sound quite interesting, quite nice the
high hats, very nice, again sound man’s dream. I loved them from that
respect. Now, what would a drummer think of them? Well I always play with hearing
protection so the sound and the volume of cymbals is never really a problem for
me but if somebody was playing night after night day after day and they
wanted to have something that was just a little less aggressive on the ears but
allowed them to play at a certain a certain dynamic range at a certain feel
and a certain you know power level the FRX series is going to let you do
that also I did want to mention that in order to put these holes in the cymbals that’s an entire other production step quite a costly one I would add to do
that you’d need probably a CNC controlled drill press or something like
that or CNC machine of some kind in order to do this this type of work and
that can considerably add to the cost of production of these cymbals so if
anyone’s wondering you know about the cost of the cymbals why it might be
higher than you would expect I’m telling you right now is a person who does a lot
of cymbal work this particular design is not a simple design and took a lot of
innovation and a lot of thinking and a lot of tooling to do so please keep that
in mind when you you know when you go into the store and have a good look at
these things I’m Lance Campeaul from www.LanceCampeau.com and I’d just like to thank
Sabian for giving me an opportunity to try out the FRX series and until next
time thanks for watching