– [Narrator] What if
taking on climate change could create a better
economy and millions of jobs? The Green New Deal is a
plan to slash inequality and rebuild our communities while tackling the biggest
threat of our time. In the U.S., momentum is
building around a push for a zero-emission
economy in just 10 years. How could it happen? By transforming everyday
life in our communities, cities and countries. Picture it: publicly-owned energy and sustainable family farms. In every city, fast and
free public transit. And affordable, energy-efficient
housing for all. A Green New Deal would
create enough work to offer a good job to anyone who wants one. And at the heart of this new economy: a commitment to the good life. Universal health and child
care, more leisure time, and support for the arts. Yeah, it would be expensive. Like a war. Or a tax cut for the rich. But the bill would be
a fraction of the cost of runaway climate change. And the benefits to our
society would be huge. Are you ready for a climate
plan that fights injustice and inequality, and makes our communities
more livable and safe? Then join the push for a Green New Deal. And let’s get to work! [Credits] The Leap
Voiceover by George Elliott Clarke