What is the Bible? The Bible is a book containing of the testimonies of people and their relationship with God. There are many words speaking of God’s saving acts towards people in their various struggles throughout life. Any act of salvation for the day, or for the moment also points to the future. It holds hope of further salvation from God. Hence, the Bible is rich in promise and the hope of salvation from God. The final chapter of the Bible is the book of Revelation, and it speaks of the testimony of Jesus. There, Jesus speaks of bringing an end to life’s bitter struggles and of God giving all people a new life of joy in his presence. Although for many people, the salvation narrative in the Bible can be lost in the confusion of words and the babble around them. The whole process of restoring humankind into the presence of God can be personified as the saving of Adam. It can be condensed into a simple narrative that follows: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and all that is in them. God created all living things. Then, God created Adam. Adam represents all humankind both male and female. Since God is the creator of humankind then God can also be known as the Father in heaven. God saw that all he created was very good and took delight in it. He made Adam to be his son and like him in nature. Adam was created to love and to be a blessing to others. Then the Father placed Adam in the Garden of Eden where he would experience joy of his own, by attending to the needs of everything in the garden. While in the Garden of Eden, Adam was deceived. His eyes saw the things of desire which turned his face away from the Father. The face of Adam followed after the things of desire that led him out of the Garden of Eden and away from the presence of the Father. On his journey away, Adam became self-centred with desires for power, wealth, and glory. He was captured and taken into bondage like a slave by the things of desire. Without free will or power, Adam was unable to turn around and go back into the presence of the Father. In Adam’s pursuit of his desires, he appeared torn and tormented. Full of fear and anxiety, Adam built defenses and hid himself. Without end, Adam appeared bloody and disfigured from his battles. He languished in prison barred from hope. On his created wasteland, Adam suffered famine and hunger. All kinds of diseases plagued him. Everywhere he appeared with a beggar’s hand. The air and pollution of his choice was choking the life out of him. Adam had no peace in his life, and yet he continued with his folly. In heaven the Father wept. He was grieved to see his son and all creation so disfigured and suffering. The father suffered too, as he saw his son suffer. The pain of it all brought about a plan of salvation for Adam and all creation. In his infinite wisdom, the Father descended to the earth to be with Adam and nurse him back to health. God came in the form of a man, named Jesus. Jesus dwelt with Adam to show him once more the loving face of the Father. This revealed forgiveness, and a call to turn around and come back into the presence of the Father. There, in the Father’s arms awaits true life as it was once before. In darkness and confusion, Adam killed Jesus. Through his actions, he also deeply wounded the Father. Jesus was crucified on the cross, dead and buried. Soon afterwards, the resurrected Jesus ascended into heaven to resume his place in heaven. The Father forgave Adam,s folly, because Adam did not know what he was doing. The Father’s plan is not yet finished. While on earth, he made a new creation. Jesus established the Church of faithful witnesses. They are his disciples. They have been called and empowered with his Spirit in them to continue the work of Jesus. Their mission, with the help of the Spirit is to reveal to Adam the Father’s love, forgiveness, and a source of healing, peace and life. In this way, the good news will empower Adam to turn around. The Father is watching and waiting for Adam to return. Should Adam even look over his shoulder as remembers the father, then the father will come running to embrace his son and take him home. Salvation can be had today, even now. We are Adam, you are Adam, and I am Adam, son of God.