In this video, I will be discussing about
why I started couponing! Hey guys! Welcome to Keeping Up With The Couponer. If you’re new here, welcome! welcome! welcome! My name is Genn and on this channel I talk about
everything that is related to couponing, free samples and also how to save money. All of
this being said, I want to talk to you guys today about why I started
couponing. Like almost everybody, I watched the American TV show called
Extreme Couponing. Of course I wanted to do the exact same thing. I used to just,
you know, find coupons and use them and feel good about using them. But I never
really got into doing real couponing. I just didn’t know that there
was this whole world behind couponing. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago, one of my friends
started couponing during her pregnancy. and since we lived in different regions
(and coupons differ from one region to another), I would just find coupons for
her, bring them so that she can use them, exchange them. It never occurred to me
that I could do the same thing you know and go beyond just using a coupon once
in a while. Until one day, maybe a year and a half ago, I was helping her
organize her coupons. We were hanging out and we started talking about how
couponing works, all the Facebook groups she was part of… and one thing led to
another she added me on the Facebook groups. So this is when I really started
doing couponing and using coupons and learning how it works. And I’ve been
couponing since then. This is my short story about how I started couponing. Now
if you coupon as well, please let me know in the comment section how and why you
started yourself couponing. Thank you all so much for watching! Don’t forget to hit
the thumbs up and to subscribe if you enjoy today’s video. and I will see you
guys next Wednesday! bye!