Hello! During my extended leave of absence
from YouTube, I got two new tattoos. ME: Where are we going, Kaylie?
KAYLIE: To get tatted up! Tattoos! ME:To get tattoos! I’m gonna get two tattoos. ME: We paid money to have someone stab us.
We paid money for wounds. KAYLIE: Beautiful wounds!
ME: No regrets! This brought my tattoo count up to three,
although yes I’ll be the first to recognize that all of my tattoos are very small and
very simple. One of the things I hear a lot when people talk about getting tattoos is
worrying that they’re going to regret them, or being intimidated by how permanent they
are. Which is a totally valid reaction! But I decided to share some of my thoughts and
experiences with this, not to try to convince everyone to get a tattoo or to shame people
who decided not to get a tattoo, or any of that. Not talking about anyone else; just
wanted to share some of my own thoughts. Now that that’s out of the way… One thing
I noticed after the first few months of having my very first (and at that point only) tattoo
is that eventually I just stopped being surprised by it. It was just like any other part of
my body; I mean I would notice it every so often obviously, just like I would notice
any other part of my body. And this made me realize that this is it; this is my body.
This is the body that I will have until I die. There’s a lot of things about my body
that I can’t change; that are just going to be this way forever, and if they do change,
it’s going to be through processes like aging, which is something else I don’t have control
over. And I think tattoos can be a really beautiful
way of taking control and ownership of your body. And I can cut my hair differently, or
dress differently, or exercise differently take some of that control back. And I do that.
But there was something for me about permanently altering it in a way that I chose that was
very empowering. I think another part of my initial hesitation
in getting a tattoo was worrying that I would not like the thing as much anymore. For instance,
I’m planning to get a floral tattoo from an artist whose style I absolutely adore,
but what if as I grow older, my aesthetic changes and I no longer like the style. Or
what if I eventually realize that Harry Potter doesn’t mean nearly as much to me anymore;
will I feel stupid looking down and seeing the Harry Potter stars on my knee everyday? That was something I worried about for a really
long time and I actually thought a lot about my first tattoo and tried to anticipate every
possible shift I could conceive of myself possibly having and tried to anticipate that
with the design and the thought behind it. Which is not something that I regret doing.
But I think I’m a lot more willing to take that risk now and go for something that I
know I that I love and want now, without overthinking how my entire future with it will play out. And I think that’s because I realized that
there’s a lot of trust and self-love and beauty in taking that risk. I’m basically
giving my future self no other option than to accept the person that I used to be, and
to be proud of the person who was self confident enough to get that tattoo, even if I’m completely
different at that point. I see it both as a very affirming action of self-love for me
right now, and also as something that will continue to feed my soul throughout my life. Anyway, I hope that was interesting or helpful
or something. If you have questions, leave them in the comments. And if you’re thinking
of getting a tattoo and you want to talk about it, I would love to hear about it! Bye!