In today’s episode I will talk about Jigen more exactly, Will Jigen activate the infinite tsukuyomi, also this episode contains spoilers from Manga In the last chapter of Boruto Manga, Jigen told Amado that Boruto and Kawaki will become very powerful Otsutsuki, and also told him that a Divine tree will grow large enough to devour all life on earth and all desires will be fulfilled, including Amado’s, and this conversation, it reminds me of Infinit Tsukuyomi As we know Infinity Tsukuyomi is a very powerful Genjutsu, that traps the entire world in an illusion And to use this Genjutsu, The user need to become the Jinchuriki of Ten Tails, and can be activated with the third Eye that opens on the User’s forehead and as we have seen Jigen already has a Ten Tails, which is sealed to another dimension But it is not the same Jubi from the fourth great Shinobi War, because this one is much smaller, and now all Jigen should to do Is to become Jinchuriki of this Juubi but we do not know if it will work to activate Infinite Tsukuyomi Because if we remember, Ten Tails of the 4th Shinobi War, it was a Divine Tree itself, which took the form of a Beast with Ten Tail and since we have no information about Jigen’s Juubi, we cannot say that he will be able to activate Infinit Tsukuyomi, also at this point Jigen could not become the Jinshuriki of the Ten Tails because as we know Jigen is a vessel,
controlled by Isshiki Otsutsuki, and his body is already at the limit, and he needs a new one because i don’t think that jigen will be able to support all power of Juubi so first he needs a new body, to support all the power of Isshiki Otsutsuki and also the power of Juubi Also the Jigen’s Ten Tails is similar with the original Juubi in his first form, so there’s a chance to be the original, and Jigen, i means Ishiki, wants to get him back to his final form so he will need Kurama’s chakra, and also the chakra of the all the beasts and that would mean that Isshiki Otsutsuki’s plans are just beginning, because he needs a new body, and he also needs Ten Tails in his Final Form I personally don’t think the Ishiki wants to activate the Infinity Tsukuyomi, I think he has another plan, which he still does not want to reveal and I think he uses the Plan with Infinity Tsukuyomi just to control the Kara members And now I will explain why I think so if we go back to the discussion between Jigen and Amado, where Jigen said, That a Huge Divine tree will grow large enough to devour all life on the planet and all wishes will be fulfilled, including Amado’s, Amado’s answer was like this: I’m counting on it, Jigen and the way he replied, makes me think that Amado wants something very much, that’s why he became a Kara Member because Jigen promised him that he fulfill the desire, After helping him activate the Infinity Tsukuyomi also Amado is a very good Doctor of Science, and the reason why he became a Doctor of Science, i think it is to fulfill his wish I do not know what he wants so much, but we could say that he wants to bring someone back to life so the answer to the question, Jigen wants to activate the Infinity Tsukuyomi ? is that he only use this plan for realize his Original plan, a plan he probably hasn’t told anyone yet also note that everything I said in the video is just a theory if you liked this theory Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe.