Good you’re here you’ve clicked on this
intro video because you’re a darn good sewist and you know that exploring a
home-based alterations and sewing business is the next best thing you can
do for yourself yet how you start can it really be done on a 100 dollar
shoestring budget yes it can and I’m here to show you exactly what to do and
how to do it step-by-step in the exact order necessary for best results toward
a quick start followed by steadily built success first let’s contend with your
dream to sew and make a great living getting paid your worth that somehow
conflicts with your beliefs about whether or not you are good enough and
if you really could do it I’ve got a ton of material to share with you that will
help you unravel those limiting beliefs and instill the self confidence that
will allow you to build a rockin business with a crazy devoted following
now in your dream isn’t it true that you can see yourself thriving in this
evergreen sewing business that perfects the fit of people’s clothing yes you can
think of the brides who need you oh yes they do and grooms who need you
the businesspeople and their business attire who need you the lovers of
leisure wear who need you the families and children who just plain need you
all the shoppers who buy ready-to-wear and they need you to tweak fit
imperfections now expand your dream to include a little known secret alterations is the best paying sewing
gig around when you work from home it can potentially pay very well depending
upon your determination and drive it pays better than production sewing or
fashion sewing or craft sewing I can show you how that is true and how to add
alterations to other types of paid sewing you love to do as the rock-solid
foundation to your sewing service follow along with me through this short
business course of 9 videos that will cover in depth all the aspects of
running the business including the ease and low expense of start up the wisdom of
some simple planning quick evaluation of skills and ultimately the joy of sewing
from home for your clamouring community you can do this you know you can let’s
move on to video number 2 where we’ll bounce through a skills assessment so
that you can leave that video knowing whether to advance on to the other
videos here are the nine video subjects with links to all the videos listed in
the description below you can skip around if you like however I really have
strategically lined up this wealth of information in the perfect order for you
to explore first there’s skills assessment followed
by 14 essential business setup tasks then how much money can I expect to make
the secret sauce the seven steps to prevailing over the competition policy
suggestions tools of the trade business plan bookkeeping taxes invoicing
payments and organizing finally don’t want people in your house there are
sewing alternatives get ready for me to show you how to slide into a sewing
niche that few are able to do with the potential for huge growth and getting
paid your worth then trust yourself to be decisive and
take action let’s get started. Now how do you think I arrived at all
this business wisdom I’ll tell you through lessons learned that’s how and
you can read all the juicy even shocking stories that constitute half of the
Amazon Kindle and paperback versions of all this business set up training I’ve
had all types of folks come through my door from all walks of life all corners
of the world exuding joy interesting people relieved people plenty mad
folks deceitful and desperate types of individuals looking back I see what a
rich experience has all become experienced it with me and get your own
digital or paperback version as backup to this free video series and get ready
to read some jaw-dropping interactions with clients it’s all for you darling