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November 27, 2019 We’re starting off with some
news from the building feud
between Seth Rollins and CM Punk, as it seems fans
shouldn’t expect a match
between the two. As of this video, there have been
no talks between Punk and WWE
management about an in-ring return, despite Rollins
acknowledging CM Punk chants
on the latest episode of RAW and saying that the former
World Champion is sitting
behind a desk in Los Angeles, because he’s
afraid to make changes This ad-libbed line didn’t go
down with Vince McMahon, who
was reportedly furious according according to Wrestling Observer
Radio, as the Boss doesn’t want
to give fans the impression impression that Punk will wrestle
again, and neither he nor
Triple H have discussed this with the
Best in the World. There’s a very slim chance that
Rollins and McMahon were
working folks backstage but if they were, that means
Punk must be in on their plan. The chances of this all being a
work seems very slim indeed, as
the Punk comment was edited out of the YouTube video of the
Town Hall meeting, where Rollins teased a heel turn by criticising
the RAW roster. Speaking of RAW, Becky Lynch
took to Twitter on Tuesday
morning, to reveal that she has now become the
longest-reigning RAW
Women’s Champion. Breaking Ronda Rousey’s record
of 232 days, The Man joked that
she was more than happy to be a part of the Women’s Tag Team
Division, as it means fewer singles title matches and thus
a longer record. Since capturing the title at Wrestle
Mania, Lynch has defeated every
one put in her way, and rumors persist of the Man going for the
WWE Women’s Tag Team titles possibly with her friend and
foe Charlotte Flair. From RAW to NXT now and the
post-Survivor Series edition
of the show has had two huge title matches
announced. Fresh off a dominant night on Pay
Per View for the entire brand,
NXT’s Tag Team Champions the Undisputed Era will defend their
titles against Keith Lee and
Dominik Dijakovic on tonight’s show. Lee and Dijakovic were part of
team Ciampa at War Games,
and defeated the Undisputed Era in the titular
match, whilst Lee was also part
of team NXT at Survivor Series, last being
eliminated by SmackDown’s
Roman Reins. Akira Tozawa will also have the
chance to regain the NXT
Cruiserweight Championship tonight when he takes on Lio
Rush during the show. Rush retained the title on the
Survivor Series pre-show
against both RAW’s Tozawa and SmackDown’s Kalisto, pinning
the latter to win the match. Rush’s win was one of the four
brands vs. brand vs. brand
matchesthat NXT won at at Survivor Series, crushing Smack
Down who got two, and RAW who
got one, so expect everyone to be in a good mood
tonight when NXT airs on the
USA Network. After defeating AEW Dynamite in
the ratings last week, NXT will be
hoping to keep this going, and having
two huge title matches already
announced for the show is certainly effective
to get fans to tune in. We’ve looked at RAW and NXT
so far, and now it’s time for
some SmackDown news, as it seems a new
character is on their way to
join Bray Wyatt. On Twitter, WWE wardrobe
stylist and designer Erica
Gimbel posted a video of herself drawing an outfit for a
female character and added the
text “Let Her In”. of herself drawing an outfit for a
female character and added the
text “Let Her In”. WWE has also been teasing a new
character for the next installment
of the Firefly Fun House for SmackDown, and there have
been hints given that this new disciple of the Fiend
may be Liv Morgan. On social media, Morgan has
teased going in a darker direction
when she returns, and this has sparked speculation that the Riott
squad member will be the oft
alluded to Sister Abigail. Moran hasn’t been seen on
WWE TV since July, and
after so long away, the Pink-haired powerhouse has
promised to be her real self
when she returns. Since Wyatt returned as the Fiend
at Summerslam, the crowd have
adored the reigning Universal Champion, with many
considering him the main
reason to watch WWE. Interestingly, much of what fans
have seen from Wyatt are his
own ideas, and its clear that the Fiend takes
home the prize for comeback of
the year, after resurrecting his career, and
becoming one of WWE’s top
stars. Back to RAW now and it was bad
news in the ratings, as the show
averaged just 2.11 million viewers. The second-lowest non-holiday
number of the modern era, this
week’s RAW was down one percent from the prior week,
though in a sense this is worse
because of two factors. Not only should RAW have gotten
a significant bump as being the
post-Survivor Series show but the Baltimore Ravens blow
out win over the Los Angeles
Rams, where they won 45 to 6 led to a 13% decline in viewers
for the NFL, many of whom could
have come to watch RAW instead. This week’s three-hour show
finished tenth overall on cable
but was dominant in the demographics beating everything
but ESPN Football in the battle
for the 18-49-year-olds. In this age group, RAW brought
in a respectable 0.71, up from
last week’s 0.68. It was the usual pattern for RAW’s
falling viewers, as the show start
with 2.24 million, which fell to 2.19 million in hour
two, before the sharp decline
to 1.9 million in hour three. In the demographics from hour
one to hour three, there was a
15% decline with women 18-49 a 22% fall with men of that same
age, a three percent drop with
teenage girls, 2% with teenage boys and 14%
for fans over 50 The numbers in the arena weren’t
much better, as the WWE had to
bring out extra tarps for the show, to
cover the rows upon
rows of empty seats. For this fourth straight WWE
Chicago show, it seems fans
were exhausted from so much wrestling in such a
short period of time, and when
you include AEW Dynamite happening from the Sears Center,
that was 5 days of wrestling in
less than a week. The photos of the empty seats
and tarps tell a worrying story
about the attendance figures, as whilst Survivor Series
may have been a sell-out, fans
didn’t stick around. Now, WWE owns the ECW Library,
and it turns out that the company
may be ready to bring back some of the
extreme promotion’s old Pay Per
Views. According to the PW Insider,
WWE recently filed for a
trademark on Barely Legal and CyberSlam, and these
two shows could shake up the
company’s Pay Per View schedule
depending on how they’re used The legal documents for the trade
mark say how the names have
been trademarked for use in both wrestling news
and broadcast media, including
TV and online distribution, adding speculation
that the shows will be Pay Per
Views next year. Both Barely Legal and CyberSlam
have a lot of history in the
wrestling business so it’ll be interesting to see
what McMahon has planned. Back to RAW now, and whilst
Humberto Carillo has had a
nice little push since coming to the red brand, it
seems that these big wins
are over for now. On Wrestling Observer Radio,
Bryan Alverez said how Vince
McMahon has ran out of patience with
Humberto, saying: “Vince is done with Humberto
Carrillo for the time being. He’s
giving him the ‘Cedric Alexander.’ Like you’re still gonna see him
on TV. I’m sure he’s gonna win
here and there, but like it’s exactly like Cedric
Alexander. He got a few weeks,
Vince thought he wasn’t getting over, so
he’s just — he’s done.” It’s clear that getting attacked
before a US title match isn’t a
good look for Carillo, and it’s a real shame that his push
has stalled, but not too surprising when you consider
the Chairman’s track record. We’ve got some good news now
though, as although a series of
poorly timed injuries have kept Alexa Bliss out of
action, it seems Nikki Cross is
soon getting her partner back. The team of Bliss and Cross have
been announced as one of the
eight teams for this Sunday’s Starrcade event, where they will
hope to regain the Women’s
Tag Team titles. The odds aren’t good for the
Kabuki Warriors, who currently
hold the gold as they will face Bliss and Cross,
Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair,
as well as Sasha Banks and Bayley in a match brimming
with star power. Win or lose, the match can
already be considered a
victory for Bliss, who is finally able to get back in
the ring after so long away. Alexa Bliss may be returning to
the ring this Sunday, but she
may not be the only Superstar planning a comeback, as Tyson
Fury has commented about
returning to the WWE. Fresh off his Crown Jewel victory
over Braun Strowman, Fury sat
down with the True Geordie podcast this week, where he was
asked about a potential match
against Brock Lesnar. He said: “Yeah, I fancy a fight with Brock,
for sure. I watched a few of his
fights (He’s) pretty handy, but I can
flatten him. In a WWE match
or in a proper fight I can flatten Brock Lesnar in
30 seconds. The Gypsy King certainly
impressed many backstage with
his performance against the Monster Among Men earlier
this month, so time will tell
whether the undefeated undefeated boxing champion will
ever go toe to toe with the Beast
Incarnate, possibly with the WWE
Championship on the line. And finally, today we’re looking
back at RAW, and though Seth
Rollins started off his heel turn, his old
foe Randy Orton pulled off a
big babyface move. After Humberto Carillo was blind
sided by the OC before his
United States title match against AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio
got the shot instead, and after an assist by Orton, is now the
new US Champion. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t sit well
with the Phenomenal former
champion, who put out a simple tweet that said “Randy.
Orton.” as though Mysterio may
be the champion, it seems Styles’ main issue is
with the WWE’s resident Apex
Predator. Orton himself weighed in on the
situation on Twitter, and
congratulated Rey on the US Title win, but
also told him he’s welcome. Not only that, but Orton also
claimed that Mysterio owed him
one, as it seems the Viper is much more focussed in winning
his second US title, than dealing
with Styles. We’ll have to see where this story
line ends up, but it’s very likely
that a WrestleMania 35 rematch may be around the
corner, but what do you think
of this feud and Rey’s win? Let us know in the
comments below, and as
always, thanks for watching.