Hello dear friends. today
review again dedicated to the bracelet xiaomi mi band 4 namely changing the screensaver
the dial in the easiest way originally the bracelet comes with a native
splash screen and with mi fit we can change it currently in mi fit 54
the dial and in principle it would seem that is enough choose what you want, but
look at them carefully Firstly, they are all for everybody. secondly characters
mainly from chinese anime Thirdly, there is no Russian language.
I originally went like this screen saver Of all I liked her the most, but
over time, she bothered me I still wanted the date and day to be on
Russian language and set more interesting pictures on the dial initially there were several ways to change the dial using third-party
programs and complex manipulations it was possible to change the picture but the choice was
also small and need to study the forum with wrong actions there was a chance
get a brick so I decided to replace the dial
hold off a bit After some time, accidentally in the play market when
downloading mi home saw an interesting application for changing the dial so
download it and analyze it in more detail run play
market. In the search bar in one word we drive mi band 4 and immediately jumps out
desired application. click install expect
and run the application. We give all permissions and immediately appears in front of us
various dials that we can scroll down and set and the most
The main thing is that you do not need to perform any manipulation of pairing the bracelet with
application everything happens automatically if you notice, then underneath each
picture there is an indication of the language of the dial there are English, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, multilingual and others
languages I’m only interested in Russian so
click on the globe below and select Russian apparently Russian and
multilingual language The system offers a multilingual language itself, you can’t take it since it will be understandable to everyone in it, the date is indicated by numbers or in general
missing but the dials with the Russian language have a date and day, or both
in Russian like sorted out the languages, I hope I did not confuse you Now select any like the dial and set as we see
the choice of pictures is diverse: where are just the numbers, where is the anime where is the picture generally
great choice By the way, as we see, the pictures below have a date.
this is the upload date and by this date it’s clear that the dial adds almost
everyday. which is very pleasing! Well, that’s a cool dial. install it and
a short instruction pops up immediately we are offered: the first is to download
dial in phone memory most likely this is so that you can
edit the dial later the second is direct installation. with direct
setting the dial immediately loads into mi fit Well, a message about the problem. this
to eliminate the shortcomings. everything is very simple if you look a little lower under
dial, you can see the information that will be displayed on this
the dial it’s time to start the installation itself click install. Right away
loading directly in m ifit launch mi fit. can run directly
from here or in the usual way then select a profile. mi band 4 and go to
dial settings here we select my dials and as we see our
loaded dial here there are already several of them. I downloaded it earlier, like
says not a lot of training click on the loaded dial and click
synchronize. sync is over! the dial appeared on the display of our
bracelet. now I will demonstrate the same thing only without delay the entire installation process takes no more than
one minute the rest of the time is spent on the choice of the dial and go over the menu a bit can
add the watch to your favorites for faster searching also through
application you can add third-party dials that you downloaded from another
resource or created yourself there is also sorting and searching
language selection and settings on it all I liked the application
the dials are huge and most important everything is simple and clear therefore will understand
each on this review is completed. link to
application under the video. thank you all for watching don’t forget to subscribe to
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