You know what’s BUUUUUULLSHIT? Public toilets that you have to pay to use. That’s not fair! If I gotta go,
it doesn’t matter if I have a quarter, I still gotta go! It’s not like it’s a matter of choice,
like it’s admission to a fucking show! Then there’s times where somebody is standing in the bathroom, handing you paper towels. Like, “What the fuck?” Whoever came up with the idea
of taking money off you taking a shit, is fucking bullshit! Now, let’s face it:
Unless you stay home, public toilets are mandatory. Because, in humanity’s growing effort to become civilized, proper facilities need to be present to release feces. But once we have to start paying for
our own bodily functions, I say go back to the wild! They want to make a business out of us having to DO our business? MAN FUCK THAT! That business is between you and nature! I say, go out on the grass and take a shit like that cow. But wait… that’s not cow shit. That’s bullshit.