(funky upbeat music) Giselle Rama, good morning. Good morning. Who’s this young fellow with you? This is–
Huh, is that your lawyer? Yes.
You brought your lawyer to court this morning?
I did. (laughing) Giselle, your motor vehicle has been booted. Hm-mm. You have nine unpaid violations, two of them are red lights and seven are parking tickets. Okay. Did you know that? I’m not the owner of the vehicle, so I’m not sure if all the tickets are mine. Would you say that again, please, I didn’t hear you.
So I’m not the owner of the vehicle, it’s my kid’s father, we share it sometimes, so some of the tickets might have been when he had the car or me, I’m not sure. I don’t have the money to pay it all, so I just maybe set up somehow to pay it in small increments. Hm, you have a boot on your vehicle and you have $1100 worth of tickets with the penalties. Now I know that if I don’t release the boot, that the car will get towed
Hm-mm. and then if the car gets towed, then the tow company will charge you about $100 to tow the car and then if you don’t redeem the car, then they will charge you $30 a day for storage, so effectively I would take you off the road, you probably wouldn’t be able to get your car back. Yeah. So that’s what I’m confronted with and I’m looking at this little guy and I say to myself, am I gonna do that to him? Hm? Look at him. Plus he had to get up early this morning to come here. Tired.
You’re tired, I’m sorry. He’s tired, I know. (sighing) I think I need some help on this case. We have a guest today I’ll introduce you to, it’s Miss Rhode Island, USA, 2017 is with us this morning, it’s Kelsey Swanson. So Kelsey, you wanna come up here, and help me out with this case? Come on. Thank you. Okay, well you’ve been judged and you won the title by being judged, I’m gonna make you a judge this morning, how’s that? Alright, alright, so far, Giselle has two red light tickets dismissed, so that’s gonna help you a great deal, Giselle, okay, that means you have seven parking tickets. So okay, I’m gonna leave this to you, I can do three things. Number one is I can charge her $900, number two is I can probably charge her somewhere around $700 or number three is I can charge her $210 for the tickets and a $100 boot fee. So it’s either 900, 700 or it’s 300, it’s a very perplexing problem, so what are you gonna recommend to me? I think number three, $210 and $100 for the boot. Plus she has a cute kid, she has a cute kid with nice shoes. Who’s kissing him? Okay, well I asked for it, so I guess I’ll have to abide by her recommendation, okay, so it’s gonna cost you $310, alright. Thank you.
How much of that can you pay today? I think like 200 now.
Alright. Well, we’re gonna let–
But I think I’m better off. Okay.
Alright. Well, we’re not gonna leave you broke, so. Okay, thank you. So $110 and we will release $150 right there and we will release the boot. How much time do you need to pay the balance? Maybe like till the end of the week. Alright. No, you can’t touch it. I want to.
You want to? Okay, one month to pay the balance. Thank you so much.
Good luck to you. Bye. Salmone, is it?
Yes, your Honor. Okay, you have two tickets, one on Meeting and one on Washington Street, one’s a loading zone and one’s at a parking meter, is there anything you wanna tell me about these? The loading zone ticket, there was no sign that said there was loading zone. Is that where you were parked? Yes, yes. There were two signs, one says four-hour parking and one says two-hour parking. Right, and nowhere does it say it was a loading zone and then even down the street, even all the way down the street, there’s no sign that says loading zone, so I didn’t even notice that the ticket was for a loading zone, I thought it was for the meter and then when I looked at the ticket, I was like oh, my gosh, there’s not even a loading zone over there, sign. What do you think happened? I think there was just no sign and it’s just understood that it’s supposed to be a loading zone, that’s what I think.
You think maybe the parking enforcement officer couldn’t read? No, I think they just know that that’s a loading zone and I didn’t know.
How can they know, there’s no sign that says loading zone? Well, I think it’s the area. There’s two signs, one says four-hour parking that way, the other says two-hour parking that way and you’re parked there. I know. I can’t think of it all.
It’s confusing to me too. I’m looking for assistance, ’cause some of these cases are so perplexing, they’re well beyond my pay grade. I agree, but I can’t help you. You can’t help me?
No, ’cause I don’t– Like everybody else in my life, okay. You also have a parking meter on Washington Street. Did you see when that’s from, 2012? I didn’t even know about it. It’s gonna cost you $30, good luck. (funky upbeat music) Who’s this, your lawyer you have with you? Good morning, your Honor, no, Jahee knows you were my teacher in school at one time. Okay, I got your–
Did you know I taught high school, Inspector Quinn? That’s it, your Honor.
100 years ago. 100 years ago?
Less than that, your Honor. No, ’cause he could be almost that now, almost the same age and you was running a good ‘un. It’s true. But you haven’t changed much, now that you’ve mentioned your name, Virginia Vega. Yes. I remember you were pretty smart. Smart enough to come here today, ’cause I’m leaving town tomorrow. Nobody will find out how smart you really are. Alright, this is a ticket on Rochambeau Avenue. Yes.
You wanna tell me about it. I was at a funeral.
You were at where, a funeral?
A funeral, Saturday, yes and I left my wallet, my wallet must have fell out of my pocketbook, so I popped right back in another funeral car, but I wasn’t at the crosswalk, in front of the crosswalk and I ran to get the sweater, when I came back, I had a ticket. I even bought the thing that I wore that to the funeral. One of your other student’s mother that passed. Show that to Inspector Quinn. I was there Saturday. Well, the evidence is overwhelming, that you have submitted the evidence to show that you were attending a funeral and I think it’s unusual for them to ticket cars, that are parked for a funeral. Based on the fact that you were parked in a funeral procession, the matter will be dismissed, Virginia. All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases, you be the judge, subscribe now.