You may see something different this
year as you file your self-assessment tax return. If you’re a business,
self-employed or use a tax agent to file your return, there will be no change. But
everyone else will be taken to new screens this year to complete their
return and by taking a few extra security steps, you’ll get full access to
your personal tax account where you can see all your dealings with HMRC in one
place, just like an online bank account. It will only take a few minutes to
complete the extra security steps and you’ll still be able to file your
self-assessment return as normal. So why open a personal tax account? Well, there are many reasons. It’s really
secure for one thing. We’ve added a new id verification system to keep your
information extra safe. You’ll need your mobile phone
to hand to receive a secure code. It’s convenient too. Everything is in one place.
And it’s useful. You’ll have access to Webchat to help
with any questions, so you won’t need to wait on the phone. It’s paperless. No more
letters from HMRC. So activate your personal tax account and take control of
your tax affairs. Just follow the on-screen instructions when you log in
to file your return.