Sign it. You’re getting divorced. You’ll give up all your parental rights.
You’ll leave the custody to the father. I will make you pay… …more than this fortune you gave me. A blank cheque. You gave her a blank cheque. Agah is about to buy
your unborn grandchild from Ceren. I took that money, mom. Do you still want to be with a devil… …that gives up on her child for money voluntarily? I exactly do, uncle. Why don’t I want her then? When will you take my dad’s office? I think I’ll get myself an office. How dare he want an office from us?
What is he going to do in that office? This is my father’s company. All the rooms in this company belong to you. But that’s all you can get, kid. There’s a phrase, “Going too far”. I’ve gone too far today. You’ve gone too far… …when you were eight. Zalim Istanbul is on Kanal D
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