Travis here at Redwater Dodge Home of Rig Ready Rams North America’s Premium Brand of Lifted Trucks and also… The Home of the $10 Oil Change I have some amazing news for you… New Incentives were just released today by FCA Canada Essentially what’s happening for almost all of the remaining 2016 notice and almost all not all we have zero percent interest we have amazing rebates 0% up to 84 months we’re going over a quick little scenario here for you so park behind these 2016 ram 1500 quad cab sport pretty well-equipped got the full leather interior heated and cooled seats ready to rock and roll lock up here at the top is always locked room black everything. We’re gonna take a little bit of a look at that include rebates as well so MSRP on this truck is $57,830 Take off the manufacturer rebate we’re sitting at $50,330 Interest rates are normally around 5.99 % on this truck you’re looking at paying $11,775 in interest. If you took the loan the term sorry i got fifty thousand flash cards so at 0% you’re saving $11,775 in interest …pretty simple reply 5.99 to 0 That’s where you’re saving the $11,775 Total savings including the rebate guys on this truck is gonna be $19,275 You do not want to miss 0% I promise you almost every single time I do a video you guys have your percent you got your percent not only their awesome rebates mid-2016 right now they’re making more of an effort to clear the moat at 0% financing it’s incredible give us a call today 780 942 3629 You can also text that number Travis – facebooks favorite sales person email me personally [email protected] We’ve got Cherokees We’ve got Grand Caravans I mean we’ve got all kinds of deals at zero percent journeys even it’s incredible if you don’t want to do with me for some reason I don’t know what it is but maybe you can email still the redwater dogs are called follow me on instagram @RigReadyTrav- thank you so much for watching guys look forward to hearing from you get Take advantage of our Live Chat