Hi everyone, this is John from Zoom and I’m here to show you how to create and save your custom mixer settings on the LiveTrak L-20. The L-20 allows you to save up to 9 different scenes which save fader position, EQ settings, effects, pan, mute, and more. Saving scenes streamlines your workflow, so
you can mix and record with ease. You can save a scene for each song of your live show, eliminating the need to adjust levels in between songs. And if you often mix the same band, it can be helpful to recall a saved scene for a quicker sound check. To save a scene, press the Scene ON button
to enable. Pressing the Save button will light any slot with a previously saved scene, while empty slots will blink. Select the desired slot and your scene will
be saved. To recall a scene, press the Recall button. Select the desired slot and this scene will be recalled. Your fader level and other scene settings
will update automatically. The bright LED will show the actual volume
level of the selected fader mode. Until the fader reaches this point, it will
have no effect on volume. The dim LED lights in the background will
show the input level. Once the physical fader reaches the actual
volume level, the fader will now have full control
over the track volume. For more information on the Zoom L-20, please
visit zoom-na.com